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Finding time to practice and improve your game can take time due to modern life’s demands and options. So many great books and articles have been produced on this game, and it’s hard to find enough time to absorb them all. However, audiobooks (platforms like Audible) and apps like Speechify can enable you to leverage commute time to expand your knowledge of the game.

These tools increase productivity and multitasking capabilities, making the most of every moment. This post will discuss the benefits of auditory learning and leveraging these platforms to optimize your time, multitask, and learn more, and we’ll also recommend some essential accessories and golf audiobooks.

What is Auditory Learning?

Auditory learning is a learning style where information is acquired primarily through listening and hearing. Auditory learners retain information best when delivered verbally, such as through lectures, discussions, or audio recordings. Key strategies for auditory learning include reading aloud, verbalizing concepts, listening to recordings, and participating in conversations.

Auditory learning can benefit golfers in several ways. Listening carefully to a coach’s verbal instructions can help golfers learn proper swing techniques and course strategy. Hearing the sounds of one’s equipment and ball striking, such as the swoosh of the club or click of contact, provides feedback for improving swing mechanics. See our post on the Tour Tempo App for more on this learning on how the 3:1 ratio and auditory cues can help groove a better swing.

Auditory learners may retain mental game techniques more easily when delivered as a discussion versus a textbook. In the course, auditory learners can talk through each shot aloud to reinforce their plan. An auditory learning style complements golf’s reliance on verbal communication between players, coaches, and fellow competitors.

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The Power of Audiobooks for Learning

Audiobooks are great for auditory learning and provide an excellent way to multitask, allowing you to learn and be entertained on the go. Audiobooks enable you to make the most of small pockets of time, whether commuting, traveling, or squeezing in a few minutes during a break. As an avid audiobook listener, I’ve discovered several key advantages that keep me returning. Audiobooks offer benefits ranging from continuous learning to increased productivity. Audiobooks are a hole-in-one if you’re looking for a convenient way to build your golf knowledge. Now let’s dive into some of my favorite perks:

  • Continuous Improvement: Keep your golfing mind sharp by listening to audiobooks on various golf topics, whether you’re driving or flying.
  • Learning Flexibility: Control how you learn with the ability to pause and replay audiobooks, ensuring you fully grasp the strategies discussed.
  • Multitask Like a Pro: With audiobooks, you can learn about golf while performing other activities, making every minute count.
  • A Library in Your Ear: Explore a wide range of golf subjects through the extensive collections available on audiobook platforms.
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Speechify: Enhancing Productivity and Learning

Speechify is a groundbreaking app that takes the audiobook experience to the next level. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to convert written text into spoken words, making text content accessible through audio. This app can be a game-changer for golfers looking to maximize their productivity and learning:

  • Text-to-Speech Magic: The core feature of Speechify is its ability to transform content like articles and blog posts, into audio format. This means golfers can listen to instructional articles or golf-related news while on the go.
  • Customization: Speechify allows users to adjust the speed and voice of the narration to suit their preferences. Golfers can choose a pace that helps them grasp complex concepts effectively. Various narrators are available to cater to your preferences and help to keep the content engaging.
  • Offline Accessibility: With the option to download audio content, golfers can access their favorite articles or instructional materials without an internet connection. This is perfect for golfers who frequently travel to areas with limited connectivity or on a train or airplane.
  • Integration with Other Apps: Speechify seamlessly integrates with various applications, including Safari, Chrome, Kindle Library, Dropbox, Apple Files, and Google Drive. Additionally, it allows users to scan physical copies of documents, books, or articles and have them read back to them.
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Elevating Multitasking and Efficiency for Golfers

The combination of audiobooks and the Speechify app can help golfers with a range of multitasking opportunities that can significantly enhance their efficiency and productivity:

  • Practice Regimens: While en route to the golf course, golfers can listen to audiobooks on technique or practice regimens. This pre-game routine can set a positive tone for the day ahead.
  • Mental Conditioning: Audiobooks focusing on mindfulness, concentration, and mental resilience can help golfers cultivate the right mindset.
  • Strategic Insights: During long journeys, absorb strategic insights and better understand course management and shot selection.
  • Learning from Experts: Audiobooks authored by golfing legends and renowned coaches provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from those who have mastered the game.
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Essentials and Recommendations

To fully leverage the power of audiobooks and enhance your productivity, consider the following products:

  • Audible: Amazon’s audiobook platform offers a massive library of golf-related titles, ensuring a steady stream of learning material.
  • Speechify App: Available on iOS and Android, this app is a must-have for golfers seeking to convert written content into audio format seamlessly and efficiently.
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Golf Audiobook Recommendations

Here are some of my recommendations. Most of these are books I own and have read in hard copy, and I loved them enough to purchase and listen to the audiobook and revisit them. You can also explore what Golf Books are currently Trending on Audible.

The Four Foundations of Golf
by Jon Sherman

Summary: Elevate your golf game by mastering the four foundations outlined by John Sherman. This transformative audiobook covers:

  • Manage Expectations: Master setting realistic goals and understanding the scoring system. It will improve your golf game and increase your happiness.
  • Strategy: Strategic thinking is essential in golf. Use a framework to select the best targets for each club and improve your score.
  • Practice: Receive detailed, step-by-step guidance to enhance your skills and seamlessly transition from range practice to the course. Improve your swing without fixating on technique.
  • The Mental Game: Mental techniques like staying calm, building routines, and being confident can help golfers improve their performance.

With these four foundations, this audiobook is more than a guide; it’s your roadmap to becoming a more complete golfer.

Every Shot Counts: Using Golf Analytics to Unlock Your Potential
by Mark Broadie

Summary: Unlock the power of data in your golf game with “Every Stroke Counts.” Penned by Mark Broadie, a pioneer in golf analytics, this audiobook takes a deep dive into how the right kind of stats can revolutionize your game. Forget traditional metrics like fairways hit and greens in regulation—Broadie introduces the groundbreaking “strokes gained” concept, which allows golfers to understand their performance in a whole new light.

This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about actionable insights. Learn how to analyze your game meticulously, from tee to hole, so that every stroke not only counts but also contributes to your continuous improvement.

Whether you’re a casual golfer or aiming for the pro tour, “Every Shot Counts” delivers the analytical edge you’ve been seeking. This is an essential audiobook for all golfers looking to improve their golf game and decision making.

The Legend of Bagger Vance
by Steven Pressfield

Summary: Not your typical golf manual; it’s a transformative journey cloaked in the guise of a golf game. Set in the Depression era, the novel follows the story of Rannulph Junuh, a down-and-out golfer who gains a second shot at life and the game with the help of a mysterious caddy, Bagger Vance. More than just a game, the story serves as an allegory that delves into the concept of finding one’s “authentic swing,” that unique capability each of us possesses but often loses amidst life’s challenges. If you want to elevate your game and life, Bagger Vance offers soulful wisdom far beyond the 18th hole.

The Greatest Game Ever Played
by Mark Frost

Summary: “The Greatest Game Ever Played” tells the story of the match between amateur Francis Ouimet and Harry Vardon at the 1913 U.S. Open. The book provides an in-depth look at the early lives of both Vardon and Ouimet, noting their eerie similarities. Harry and Francis began playing golf early, grew up caddying at nearby golf courses, and developed an intimate, illogical love for the game. The book recounts the thrilling match between the two players, which resulted in Ouimet’s upset victory against Vardon, changing golf in America forever. Frost’s storytelling captures the match’s excitement and impact on the sport, making it a compelling read for golf enthusiasts and sports fans. It was also made into a movie, released in 2005.

The Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America,
and the Story of Golf

by Mark Frost

Summary: “The Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, and the Story of Golf” is a biography that tells the story of Bobby Jones and his incredible achievement of winning all four major tournaments in the same year, 1930. The book delves into Jones’ background, his introduction to golf at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, and his progress as a junior golfer. It also explores the challenges he faced in adapting his playing style and refining his attitude toward the game to win against the best players of his time consistently. The book provides insights into Jones’ personal life, relationships with fellow golfers, and impact on the sport. Frost’s storytelling captures the excitement of Jones’ historic accomplishment and his lasting legacy in golf.

Final Thoughts – Auditory Learning

Leveraging audiobooks and Speechify can significantly improve your golf knowledge and skills. These tools offer a convenient way to learn from the game’s greats and stay ahead in your golf journey. With free trials and subscriptions available, Audible and Speechify are investments that pay off in dividends on the fairway

Audible and Speechify offer free trials and monthly subscription options worth your time and investment.





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