Maximize Your Potential: Golf Swing Training Aids 2023

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When it comes to golf swing training aids, curiosity and skepticism often intertwine with a genuine desire to elevate one’s game.

  • Do swing trainers actually work?
  • Are swing plane trainers worth it?
  • Will my swing path improve?
  • Am I wasting my money?
  • How do tempo trainers like Lag Shot or Orange Whip help your golf swing?

These are just a few of the questions that avid golfers frequently seek answers to. In this post, we will answer these questions and unlock the secrets behind the effectiveness of some of our favorite golf training aids. If you want home practice ideas for all game phases, check out “Ultimate Guide to Home Practice.”

Our Philosophy on Training Aids

Over the years, I have owned dozens and dozens of tools that promised instant results and magical transformation. I learned that none is real or possible – we all have different abilities, flaws, and limitations. As Hogan said, “The secret is in the dirt.” I saw a quote from Tiger Woods the other day, paraphrasing – “my advice is to stop watching YouTube instruction and just hit balls.” Like anything worth having in life, hard work is usually the answer for the golf swing.

Improving your swing is just one step towards elevating your overall game – but it’s the one we all focus on the most. As with all posts on this site – we emphasize practice and hard work as a way to improve. Not just practice or “beating balls,” but practice with a purpose and a plan. It’s my experience that the training aids listed in this post – will help you improve with proper practice over time. I use all of them almost daily, pairing them up with a good practice area. Just a note – not all swing trainers come in club form or even attach to your club. See our post “What’s the Deal with Training Clubs?” if you want to see our list of clubs that you can im,prove with while hitting balls.

In this post, we will cover the following products:

Reference our past posts on the best golf nets and best launch monitors to start enhancing your own setup. You’ll also want to track your progress, so think about recording your swing, get a baseline, and monitor as you go. Let’s get into it and see how they can help you level up your swing.

Why use Golf Training Aids?

Training aids can provide a structured approach to improving all facets of your swing – whether you struggle with lateral movement, swing plane, an inside-out, or an outside-in swing path, these aids offer valuable feedback and guidance. Moreover, they help you fine-tune your tempo—the rhythm of your swing. And let’s not forget speed. In a sport where distance is a prized asset, training aids offer drills and exercises to increase your clubhead speed. Whether you’re seeking extra yards off the tee or more force with your irons, these aids provide a structured path to building power.

Consistency is the holy grail of golf. It’s what separates the pros from the amateurs and turns good rounds into great ones. Training aids contribute significantly to building that all-important consistency. Providing real-time feedback and targeted practice drills, these aids help you repeat the correct movements until they become second nature. They iron out the inconsistencies in your swing and technique, making it more reliable.

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Our Picks: Best Swing Training Aids

LagShot: Mastering the Art of Lag for Powerful Swings

Key Features

  • Length and design: A comfortable 7 iron in length, loft, and lie with a flexible blue shaft and jet black clubhead.
  • Lag enhancement: Lag Shot helps golfers achieve and maintain the coveted lag in their swings effortlessly.
  • Instant feedback: By hitting real golf balls with Lag Shot, golfers receive immediate feedback, allowing them to refine their swings.
  • Benefits: Lag Shot promotes solid, consistent, and powerful golf shots by focusing on storing power and achieving the right clubface impact.

Why Lag Shot Matters

  • It transforms your swing experience, encouraging the development of rhythm and lag, essential for powerful and consistent shots.
  • Unlike practice swings, using a Lag Shot with actual golf balls provides instant feedback, helping golfers make tangible improvements. From my perspective, I compare favorably to the Orange Whip because you can hit balls with it. Very similar to the Whippy Tempomaster, which I had a few years back. This feels more solid and easier to use.
  • Suitable for golfers of all levels, Lag Shot is a game-changer that elevates your swing, making it more repeatable and reliable.

DownUnder Board: Unleash Power and Control in Your Swing

Key Features

  • Patented design: The DownUnder Board is a patented training system used by professionals on various tours, including PGA, European, LPGA, and more.
  • Enhanced stability: It helps golfers improve stance, posture, and lower-body stability, preventing swaying during the swing.
  • Resistance training: The board encourages the use of both vertical and horizontal forces, providing resistance for powerful, stable, and controlled swings.
  • Short game training: Besides full swings, the DownUnder Board can be used for chipping, pitching, and putting, enhancing short game skills.
  • Access to training programs: Purchasing the DownUnder Board grants access to exclusive training programs by Bradley Hughes.

Why DownUnder Board Matters

  • It focuses on ground usage, promoting stability and balance throughout the swing.
  • The board helps golfers compress the ball with their irons and achieve a deeper push of force into the ground.
  • By training regularly with the DownUnder Board, golfers develop a feel for proper footwork and body rotation.
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Tour Aim 2.0: Your Game-Changing Alignment Solution

Key Features

  • Alignment improvement: Tour Aim 2.0 helps golfers correct alignment issues, ensuring they aim at their intended target accurately.
  • Swing correction: It assists in fixing over-the-top swings, helping players eliminate slices and hooks, and promoting draws and fades toward the target.
  • Short game enhancement: Tour Aim 2.0 aids in improving chipping and pitching around the greens, leading to more up-and-down success and lower scores.
  • Putting precision: The device helps golfers eliminate three-putts and make more putts within 10 feet, resulting in pars and fewer bogeys and doubles.
  • Left-handed version available: Tour Aim 2.0 caters to left-handed golfers as well.

How Tour Aim 2.0 Elevates Your Golf Game

  • It focuses on improving aim and alignment during practice, ensuring golfers are correctly aimed and aligned on every shot.
  • The True Target Alignment system makes it easier to align accurately on the course.
  • The tool offers versatility and can be used with standard 5/16 (.3125″) diameter alignment sticks.
  • We highlighted the value of the Tour Aim in our article. Understand the Critical Role of Alignment in your Golf Swing”
tour aim 2.0 golf alignment

One Club Swing Trainer – Not Just Another Weighted Club

Key Features

  • Leverages concepts like plyometrics and the stretch shortening cycle to accelerate skill development for golfers at any level.
  • Designed to improve swing mechanics using physics principles. The dynamic inertia promotes a pendulum-like motion and helps correct issues like outside-in swings, impact deceleration, reverse pivoting, etc.
  • Impact feature accurately replicates the feel of striking a ball, so you get the same benefits indoors or outdoors.
  • Provides audible, tactile, and kinetic feedback to help engrain proper neuromuscular pathways for consistency.
  • Fully adjustable resistance levels allow customization for different aspects of the swing and to match skill level.
  • Durable construction withstands high swing speeds and repeated use. Suitable for all skill levels.

How OneGolf Elevates Your Game

  • Provides instant feedback through audible “click” and tactile sensations to help optimize swing timing, tempo, sequence, and release. This trains proper neuromuscular pathways for more consistency.
  • The dynamic inertia resistance engages muscles differently than a normal golf swing, utilizing principles like plyometrics and the stretch-shortening cycle. This can lead to gains in clubhead speed, driving distance, and ball striking.
  • Helps correct common swing flaws like casting, early release, reverse pivot, etc. The resistance promotes an on-plane, pendulum-like motion.
  • Compact size allows use indoors for refining rhythm and tempo. Convenient for warm-ups or short training sessions.
  • Comes with training protocols developed by top instructors like Martin Chuck to accelerate skill development. Structured training is more effective.
  • Golfers have seen measurable gains in clubhead speed, driving distance, and ball striking after only a few weeks of regular training with the ONE Club.

Tour Striker Smart Ball – Connect the Arms and Body

Key Features

  • Innovative design: The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a versatile golf training aid that helps golfers develop a connected and efficient golf swing.
  • Synchronization: It synchronizes the movement of your arms and body, promoting a seamless and powerful golf swing.
  • Eliminates flaws: The Smart Ball aids in eliminating the “chicken wing” and over-the-top swing, leading to more accurate shots.
  • Inside-out path: It provides the feeling of striking the ball from the inside out, reducing slices and pull hooks.
  • Strengthen pivot: The Smart Ball helps lengthen and strengthen your body’s pivot, adding power to your swing.

Benefits of Tour Striker Smart Ball

  • Improved swing sequence: It helps you understand the coordination between your arms and body during a golf swing.
  • Consistency: By eliminating swing flaws, it promotes a more consistent and controlled golf swing.
  • Better ball flight: The Smart Ball encourages draws or fades that fly toward your target.
  • Enhanced short game: It aids in reducing bladed and stubbed chips and pitches around the greens.
  • Putting improvement: It contributes to reducing 3-putts and making more putts inside 10 feet.
Tour Striker Smart Ball

Wrap-Up: Best Swing Training Aids

We’ve explored an array of training aids in 2023, each designed to address specific aspects of your swing and overall performance. From the Lag Shot Swing Trainer, which enhances your tempo and power, to the Down Under Board, which perfects your swing plane, and the Tour Aim, which hones your alignment, these aids cater to golfers’ diverse needs.

Coincidentally, after writing Driving Innovation” about Golf and AI technology, I signed up for a Smartbox AI account and started digging into the product. It turns out that 3 of the products on our list have integrated training on that platform, with guided lessons you can go through and measure your progress. Check out that article and Smartbox AI to see how to get the most out of Lag Shot, Tour Striker Smart Ball, and DownUnder Board. I am using these products together and monitoring my progress to eliminate a lateral sway and some rising in the backswing.

Remember that these training aids are not magical solutions. They require dedication, practice, and patience. However, their rewards for enhanced performance and enjoyment on the course are well worth the effort. Ultimately, it’s not about how many training aids you own but how effectively you utilize them to transform your golf game. Consider setting up your practice space to get the most out of these from home – our handy guide can help you pick the right components.

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