Best Golf Swing Training Aids 2024

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Over the years, I have owned dozens and dozens of golf training aids that promised to improve your golf game with instant results and magical transformation. I learned that none is real or possible – we all have different abilities, flaws, and limitations. However, training aids can contribute significantly to building consistency. By providing real-time feedback and targeted practice drills, these aids can help you repeat the correct movements until they become second nature. Remember that these are not magical solutions – they require dedication, practice, and patience to be effective.

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Improving your swing is just one step towards elevating your overall game – but it’s the one we all focus on the most. As with all posts on this site – we emphasize practice and hard work as a way to improve. Not just “beating balls,” but practice with a purpose and a plan.

In addition to the training aids listed here, I highly recommend “The Practice Manual” by Adam Young. He endorses a few of these products and calls them out in his book and “Strike Plan” training.

Below is the complete list of our picks for the best golf training aids from our partners that I am using almost daily. Each serves a different purpose and can provide long-term benefits on how you swing the golf club and strike the golf ball, as part of a good practice regimen. For reference only, I provide some context on how I am currently using each of these.

Our partners at GolfTrainingAids.com offer a huge selection of training aids and practice accessories for all facets of the game. They are offering our readers 10% off sitewide, so take a look!

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Divot Board

Divot Board is a revolutionary golf training aid designed to provide golfers of all skill levels with instant feedback on their swing. It helps golfers improve their swing mechanics and consistency by showing them where their club contacts the ground. 

Using the Divot Board can help improve ball-striking skills, leading to more consistent and accurate shots. It can also help identify and correct swing flaws, leading to better overall performance on the course.

How I Use it: I have been using it as part of Adam Young’s “Strike Plan” program and it is the best way to get feedback on your ground contact, impact and low point control. It provides a clear picture of path, face angle, and low point at impact, which is a great start for understanding tendencies and correcting issues.

Golf Speed Training - The Stack System

The Stack System

The Stack System is a golf speed training system designed to increase club head speed. Developed by biomechanist Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and PING engineer Marty Jertson, this innovative system uses a weighted club and an app to provide customized swing speed training programs based on your abilities and swing data. By focusing on increasing clubhead speed, many golfers can improve their driving distance and overall performance on the course.

Many pros use and endorse the Stack System, but it isn’t reserved for elite golfers with private coaches; it democratizes swing speed improvement for recreational players. The system provides a customized, scientifically backed training methodology and caters to those looking to gain a competitive edge without breaking the bank. Learn more in our post “Speed Training: The Stack System Unveiled.” Also check out the new “Stack Radar” portable launch monitor that pairs with the Stack app and has some great innovations.

How I Use it: I believe the Stack is the best on the market. have gone through the Foundations and gained 7MPH as I move into the next program, Full Speed Spectrum. It is a very simple program to follow, one of the best products I have used.  It  requires about 20-30 minutes every other day. A radar / lauch monitor is required – I am using the PRGR, but will be upgrading to the Stack Radar.

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Tour Feel

Discover the Tour-Feel by Sure-Golf: a groundbreaking training aid crafted from the insights of the world’s elite golfers and top coaches. The secret to a masterful golf swing lies in its width – a fundamental yet often elusive element. Tour-Feel simplifies this crucial component, allowing you to achieve and internalize tour-level width through intuitive sensation. Our uniquely patented training aid is designed for effortless integration into your routine, fostering a new, enhanced, and effortlessly repeatable swing that naturally transitions from practice to play. Elevate your game with the precision and finesse of a Tour Pro; embrace the Tour-Feel experience.

The multi-stage resistance band firmly links the lead shoulder and hand right from the outset. Why does this matter? The lead shoulder is often considered the true centre of the swing, and a long lead arm is crucial for establishing and retaining width. Perfect this bond, and you’ll unlock muscle memory, unparalleled power, precision, and consistency.

How I Use it: One thing of note with this product that seems to have confused folks – there is a QR code on the package that links to instructions and drills. Initial setup took a few minutes but after that, it is simple. I practice with it a few times a week, hitting punch shots at first and graduating to full swing. It has three resistance settings – for whatever reason, I find the highest resistance more suitable.

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Tour Rotation Stick

The Tour Rotation Stick is the preferred golf alignment stick for Tour professionals like Tommy Fleetwood. This swing rotational device is the perfect golf training aid to help with arm and body rotation through impact with chip and pitch shots, and also helps perfect rotation in the full swing.

The Tour Stick’s unique thumb roll grip attachment makes it easy to fit and easy to use so you no longer need to hold a traditional golf alignment stick against the grip or push a cane down the grip. The TRS is silent and leaves the hands free to hold the grip to keep the drill as natural as possible.

How I Use it: I became aware of the product when researching Tommy Fleetwood for the post “From Windmills to Tour Rotation,” where we take a look at his unique practice routine. I am using the drills discussed in that post. Even though I am using jumbo grips, it does still fit nicely. It is very difficult to turn through the shot without making contact with the stick, and I use it as a point of calibration to see where I am on any given day.

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Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board

The Striker 3000 compression board helps players monitor ball position, swing path, and angle of attack. The premise is simple – hit the ball without hitting the board, similar to the well known “towel drill.”

A common swing pattern for beginning and mid-level players is to swing outside-in where the hands move away from the body and the clubface arrives at the ball prior to the hands. With the Striker board, the player will be able to see his or her swing path and can work on pinpointing the bottom of the swing arc. If the player shallows out too early and tries to scoop the ball then they will hit the board.

Aside from being portable, the Striker 3000 compression board is very unobtrusive when using it on the range and is not visually distracting. It is made of unbreakable polycarbonate Lexan and is even quite useful for putting where the setup and stroke path can be monitored. It also makes visualizing and committing to the aim line on breaking putts easier.

How I Use it: The “towel drill” is one that pops up often, no matter who your instructor is, or what kind of swing they teach. Currently I am following Adam Young’s “Strike Plan,” which calls the towel drill out. Paired with Divot Board, they give you all that you need in order to measure and correct ground contact. To me, this product is superior to using a towel, because you can calibrate using the built in ruler.

Tour Striker Smart Ball

Tour Striker Smart Ball and Iron

Tour Striker offers a range of golf training aids and video lessons designed to improve golfers’ skills, developed and approved by Top-100 coach Martin Chuck. Their products, including the tour-proven Smart Ball and training 7-Iron, are aimed at enhancing various aspects of the golf swing, such as arm-body synchronization, wrist action, and impact position. The brand is known for its innovative approach to golf instruction, focusing on creating effortless power and precision through proper technique and practice.

Tour strikers’ training aids are praised for their effectiveness in providing clear feedback and improving ball striking, making them popular among golfers looking to elevate their game. We have highlighted them in numerous posts, from “Connected Golf Swing” to “Tommy Fleetwood’s Practice Drills” and more.

How I Use it: The smart ball is a useful training aid with a great concept used by many tour players, and I have posted about it on this site numerous times, listing drills and benefits. It gives a great feeling of connectedness and the lanyard keeps it in place, making it simple to use for longer periods of time. I use it for punch shots and full swings as part of my practice routine.

tour aim 2.0 golf alignment

TourAim 2.0 and Alignment Sticks

Tour Aim is crowned the “Swiss Army Knife of Alignment Tools” and is a distinguished 2022 Golf Digest Best Training Aid Award winner. It’s a multidimensional tool offering benefits in all aspects of the game – Driver, Iron play, short game, and putting. The product is versatile, supporting use on various surfaces and accommodating both right and left-handed players.  It can help improve your golf swing by setting up for success.

How I Use it: The Tour Aim is the first partnership that I went after when I started this site, because it is the training aid that I use the most. It is in my golf bag, along with the alignment rods, and they go with me to the range, and get used in my backyard area as well. Praised by top golf instructors for its simplicity and effectiveness, Tour Aim has been featured in many posts on this site, from “Best Training Aids” to “Better Alignment.”

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PureOne Training Iron

PureOne Golf is one of the best tools to help medium to advanced level golfers enhance their game by offering the HitFit™, a unique game improvement club designed to increase accuracy, distance, and confidence. The HitFit™ club, scientifically tested and certified by Cool Clubs, features a smaller club face for focused practice, providing instant feedback on every hit to improve ball striking and reduce shot dispersion.

PureOne Golf’s products, including the HitFit™ iron, training driver, and training wedge, are designed for focused, intelligent practice, offering a risk-free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Since becoming a partner of PureOne, I have gotten my hands on the HitFit, and it is now an integral part of my practice sessions.

How I Use it: Pure One’s approach is based on the philosophy of “aim small, miss small,” inspired by the founder’s experience in baseball, translated into golf to help players hit the sweet spot more consistently. To me, this sounds much like the wisdom of the late, great Harvey Penick. I use this to add challenge to any drill or exercise that I am working on.

lagshot swing trainer

LagShot Swing Trainer

Lag Shot Golf produces tempo training clubs that are designed to help golfers improve their golf game by promoting proper swing tempo, sequencing, and the creation of lag. The products consist of a heavier head with a flexible shaft that can help identify swing faults. This flexibility encourages the golfer to start the downswing with their lower body, allowing the club head to lag behind and thus creating a powerful whip effect at impact. The result is increased clubhead speed and more accurate shots. The product offerings range from putter, wedge, 7-iron and driver. See our posts on training aids and training clubs for more on LagShot.

How I Use it: LagShot’s website has a ton of information and drill suggestions. However, I use this with three specific drills: the “split grip” drill, where its flexible shaft forces you to load on the backswing; the “stepper” drill, where you start with feet together and ball in front, stepping into the shot; and a “swing gate” drill, where three balls are placed diagonally, and you swing through the “gate” and hit the one in the middle.





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