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cfi putt featured

Precision Putting: Palm-to-Palm and Target Focus

Putting, often neglected in practice, accounts for 50-60% of strokes. Club Focused Golf Instruction (CFI) emphasizes proper grip, alignment, and technique for consistency on the course. This post explores CFI’s putting grip fundamentals, recommends training

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Beyond the Brand: Single-Length Irons

Unlock the potential of single length irons in golf. Simplify your swing, improve shot consistency, and explore the advantages of these innovative clubs. Discover who can benefit from using single length irons and consider whether

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golf grip size - edvidence based approach

Golf Grip Size: The Evidence-Based Guide

Ever questioned the conventional wisdom on golf grip sizes? Our latest insights, drawn from the book “Evidence-Based Golf,” reveal that traditional methods fall short. Ditch the sizing charts and ‘feel’; real-world testing is the game-changer.

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