Cullen Links: A Short Course with a Big Heart

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Set along the rugged Moray Coast of northeast Scotland lies Cullen Links, a course revered by generations. With its seaside location offering stunning views across the Moray Firth, Cullen Links immerses players in the quintessential Scottish links experience. Despite being the shortest 18-hole “true links” course in the world, this par-63 layout presents a formidable test.

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What sets Cullen Links apart is how the course is seamlessly woven into the local community and landscape. The routing flows through the quaint village of Cullen, with homes and buildings lining several holes, transporting golfers back to the humble origins of the ancient game. This intimate connection and the ever-present coastal winds give Cullen Links an unmistakable charm and character that has captivated golfers for over 150 years.

In this post, we’ll learn the story of Cullen Links, its origins, and connections to the local village. We’ll also explore the course’s unique characteristics and discover why it plays much harder than its modest length. Finally, further reading suggestions and videos will help bring the course to life. The course is mentioned in almost all of the suggested readings, including A Course Called Scotland, When Revelation Comes, The Confidential Guide, and True Links, and will also be in my upcoming book.

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Origins and History

The origins of Cullen Links can be traced back to 1870 when Old Tom Morris laid out the original nine-hole course on the Cullen Estate lands. His design philosophies of strategic bunkering and natural terrain features are incorporated throughout the course. They are still evident on the inward nine, running along the coastline with views of the sea stacks, although one of the original nine was lost. Morris’ involvement gave Cullen Links an auspicious start, and the course is considered one of the best remaining examples of an authentic Old Tom Morris design, retaining much of the original character, strategic bunkering, and use of natural terrain features he incorporated.

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In 1905, local golfer Charlie Neaves expanded Cullen to an 18-hole layout by renting additional lands from the Cullen Town Council. Neaves’ design brilliantly used the natural links terrain, incorporating existing dunes, burns, and coastal irregularities. His routing is considered one of the most natural and organic in Scotland.

Over the following decades, Cullen Links matured and evolved through the stewardship of the Cullen Golf Club. Legendary Scottish golfers like Eric Brown, winner of the 1970 Madrid Open on the European Tour, honed their games on these links from a young age. The course has hosted numerous prestigious events, including the Scottish Professional Championship in 1924 and the Northern Open Amateur Championship on multiple occasions.

While updates have been made over the years, the essence of Cullen Links remains true to its roots. The greens have been enlarged slightly, bunkers revetted, and new tees added to increase the overall length to 4,623 yards. However, the fundamental character of these revered links has been carefully preserved, allowing Cullen to retain its classic charm and unique ties to the local community.

Today, Cullen Links is a living museum celebrating the origins of golf in Scotland. Its heritage design, scenic seaside setting, and links turf conditioned by centuries of coastal winds offer a glimpse into how the game was played in its purest form centuries ago. Cullen Links is a must-play for any golfer seeking an authentic and unforgettable Scottish links experience and is the essence of what has made the British golf experience so often imitated.

Village of Cullen

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Cullen is located 2 miles southeast of Portknockie in Northeast Scotland. The course sits on the Moray Coast, with the village of Cullen offering an array of local hotels, restaurants, and activities like watersports at the Cullen Sea School. After a round, visitors can stroll along the beautiful Cullen Bay beach, famous for its impressive “Three Kings” rock formations and potential dolphin sightings. Cullen’s rich maritime history is evident in its old harbor, once a thriving center for fishing and trade.

The village has strong ties to its golfing heritage, with Cullen Links an integral part of the community for over 150 years. Many locals have learned the game on these links from a young age, passing down knowledge of every bump and slope. Several famous Scottish golfers started at Cullen, including Eric Brown, who won the 1970 Madrid Open on the European Tour.

Did You Know?

Cullen is world-famous for its local delicacy, “Cullen Skink” – a hearty, delicious soup made from smoked haddock, potatoes, onions, and milk. This dish originated from Cullen’s 500-year history as a thriving fishing village specializing in exporting smoked haddock across Europe.

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The name “skink” derives from the Scottish word for the knuckle or shin of beef. When people in northern Scotland could not find beef scraps due to economic constraints, smoked haddock was abundant and served as a substitute. Meat stews transformed into fish-based soups, but “skink” stuck.

In 2004, the European Union granted Cullen Skink Protected Geographical Status, meaning only “skink” made within a tight radius around Cullen can be called authentic. While the soup’s popularity has spread, with recipes and ready-made versions available worldwide, locals insist the best and most authentic Cullen Skink is made fresh in Cullen itself using locally sourced ingredients from the village’s coastal waters and farms.

Another unique fact about Cullen is its historic royal charter granted in 1455 by King James II, designating it as a ‘royal burgh’ due to the town’s increasing importance in European sea trade. This allowed Cullen to establish a merchant guild and borough laws. Remnants of Cullen’s maritime heritage can still be seen in its old harbor area.

The Course

Cullen Links plays to a modest 4,623 yards with a par of 63. The course packs a thrilling challenge with ten unique par-3 holes, with elevation changes and tee shots ranging from a steep 125-yard shot to a daunting 240-yard downhill one-shotter. The most memorable stretch is holes 11-14, which take you across incredible raised slopes and breathtaking views of the North Sea.

cullen links -  course

The course is routed up and down the escarpment that overlooks the bay, with red-stone outcrops providing a stunning backdrop. Wide greens and stunning views of the Moray Firth add to the overall experience.

The course features blind shots, tight lies, and undulating fairways – all the classic links traits that require creative shot-making and local knowledge to score well. The wind is also a major factor, with coastal breezes frequently swirling across the exposed layout, making club selection paramount.

Cullen Links has hosted several major events, including the Scottish Professional Championship, Northern Open Amateur Championship, and Saltire Energy Paul Lawrie Match Play tournament. Despite its short length, the course record 59 has stood for over 30 years, a testament to its challenging design.

Visit Cullen Links online at https://www.cullenlinksgolf.co.uk

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Further Reading

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This book is a must for anyone with an affinity for links golf. I bought this book years ago and still return to it often. The pictures are amazing and they alone will make you fall in love with these courses.

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The result is A Course Called Scotland, a hilarious golf and travel adventure throughout the birthplace of the sport and home to some of the oldest and most beloved courses in the world, including St. Andrews, Turnberry, Dornoch, Prestwick, Troon, and Carnoustie.

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When Revelation Comes: A Journey Across the Sacred Links of Scotland 
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Summary: When Revelation Comes by Jim Hartsell is a memoir chronicling the author’s journey across the golf courses of Scotland to find peace after the tragic loss of his 21-year-old son Jordan to an accidental drug overdose.  Processing his grief through rounds at classic links across Scotland, Hartsell finds solace and revelations about continuing life’s journey through interactions with compassionate strangers met along the way.  With raw emotion, Hartsell shares how the search for meaning on Scotland’s windswept links helped him cope with unimaginable grief and loss.

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Golf Courses of the British Isles
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91ZekrJrUnL. SL1500

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