Timeless Connections Between Disney Characters and Golf


Golf and Disney characters have had a long history together, both on and off the screen. Several classic Mickey Mouse and Disney cartoons feature golf, showing the humorous mishaps and adventures that can happen on the golf course. Walt Disney World in Orlando is home to 4 courses and hosted a notable PGA Tour event for almost 40 years. Even our favorite golf show, Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf, received a Disney-inspired name.

For over 80 years, iconic Disney characters have brought their unique personalities and comedic hijinks to the game of golf. From Goofy’s clumsy grip to Donald Duck’s fits of anger, the characters interact with the gentleman’s game in classic slapstick fashion across a variety of imaginative golf course settings dreamed up by Disney animators.

Outside of cartoons, Walt Disney World Golf has embraced its Disney heritage by featuring Disney-themed golf carts and merchandise. Golfers can ride in Donald Duck and Daisy Duck four-seater carts at some courses. The pro shops also sell golf balls, towels, headcovers and other accessories featuring classic Disney characters decked out in their golf attire.

So whether teeing it up with Goofy or Mickey on the course or taking home a themed memento, golf and Disney have created plenty of magical moments together over the years. As we’ll explore in this post, the marriage of golf and beloved Disney characters has led to laughs, adventures, and lasting memories. As always, we’ll link you to some further reading and show videos of three classic Disney golf shorts.

goofy 1944

Early Character Interactions

One of the earliest golf cartoons was 1938’s “Donald’s Golf Game.” Donald Duck took up golf while his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie “caddied” for their uncle. The “boys” mischievously interrupted his backswing and landing his ball in a water hazard, much to Donald’s frustration.

Mickey Mouse and his caddy Pluto hit the links in 1941’s “Canine Caddy,” a 7-minute animated short. Pluto assists Mickey by running to locate his golf balls after each shot. After one of Mickey’s shots lands in a gopher hole, Pluto spots the gopher and a course-wide chase ensues. Evidently the Caddyshack writers and Bill Murray were paying attention! The duo creates multiple holes in a large hill that Mickey is trying to putt on, eventually causing the hill to collapse.

The 1944 Goofy short “How to Play Golf,” depicts Goofy comically struggling with the fundamentals of the swing while a narrator tries to explain the basics of the game. Goofy wrestles with grip, stance and impact positions to hilarious results, as most of us can relate. Goofy’s hands getting tied up like a pretzel while trying to apply a textbook grip still holds up, as is the timeless parody that Manuel de la Torre often spoke of – modern instruction has overcomplicated what should be a simple game!

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Creative Golf Course Settings

For over eight decades, iconic Disney characters have turned their unique traits and talents to the game of golf to comedic effect. From Goofy’s uncoordinated swing to Donald Duck’s explosive temper, Disney has pioneered marrying the personalities of its classic characters with the gentleman’s game. And thanks to the boundless creativity of its animators, Disney has also invented some of the most imaginative golf course settings ever depicted.

Disney animators have also shown remarkable creativity in bringing virtual golf courses to life. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode “Goofy’s Crazy Golf” from 2016 depicts Mickey, Donald and friends playing on an outlandish course with windmills, loop-de-loops and other wild obstacles. A Mickey and the Roadster Racers short from 2018 features a course with a giant golf ball water hazard and a literal “sand trap” with Minnie caught in flowing quicksand. Disney artists continue to push the boundaries of golf course settings to maximize the laughs.

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Disney Golf Courses

Whether playing a quick 9 holes or challenging tour pros on a championship layout, Disney’s golf courses aim to provide a touch of magic. With amenities, family options, and picturesque settings evoking the company’s nostalgic heritage, they capture why golf at “The Happiest Place on Turf” has enthralled visitors for over 50 years. Major upgrades and careful environmental stewardship ensure Disney golf continues making memories for decades to come.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is home to four scenic golf courses, including the Palm, Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista, and Oak Trail. The Palm and Magnolia are challenging 18-hole championship layouts that have hosted professional tournaments for over 40 years, including PGA Tour events like the Walt Disney World Golf Classic. The Lake Buena Vista course has a classic country club vibe with pine trees and lakes dotting the landscape, including the famous island green on hole 7 that has tormented golfers for years. Finally, Oak Trail is a more relaxed 9-hole walking course perfect for families and beginners looking to start golfing.

On the West Coast, Disneyland originally had a 9-hole course when it opened in 1955. It later expanded to 18 holes and operated until closing in 1994. While golf is no longer offered at Disneyland itself, the nearby Pelican Hill Golf Club is located at the Disneyland Resort area and features 36 holes designed by Tom Fazio, including an oceanfront course with sweeping Pacific views. Pelican Hill has hosted professional events like the LPGA Kia Classic.

Disney is also helping to bring new players to the game by supporting the USGA’s Play 9 initiative by offering Sunrise 9 and Sunset 9 discounted pricing to encourage more beginner and casual play.

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Disney Tournaments

The Walt Disney World Golf Classic was an annual PGA Tour event held at the Palm and Magnolia golf courses in Walt Disney World from 1971 to 2012. It attracted top players like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods over the years.

Nicklaus holds the record with 3 victories at the event in 1971, 1972 and 1973. Other professional tournaments held at Walt Disney World include 5 Senior PGA Championships and an LPGA event in 1995 won by Pat Bradley, which was the first live broadcast by Golf Channel.

While the PGA Tour no longer holds an annual event at Walt Disney World, the courses still aim to honor their history of hosting elite golf. As Bruce Gerlander, the general manager of Walt Disney World Golf stated: “We certainly have the expertise and facilities to stage world-class events on iconic courses if the opportunity presents itself in the future.”

While PGA Tour events tournaments are currently on hiatus, Walt Disney World’s golf courses continue building their legacy by offering amenities to resort guests. Their championship layouts and Disney themes make them a top destination for family golf vacations as well.

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Further Reading

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For the 18 months prior to the announcement, Walt entrusted a small group of men to covertly make these purchases. Staying true to its storytelling roots, Disney wove a tale of mystery centered around a high-ranking CIA operative, who was rumored to have been, just a few short years before, the paymaster behind the Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba.

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Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf!
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Donald’s Golf Game – 1938
Canine Caddy – 1941
How to Play Golf – 1944





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