Beyond Pumpkin Spice: The Essential Guide to Conquering Fall Golf

pumpkin spice guide to fall golf

Believe it or not, Fall’s not just apple picking and pumpkin beers; it can be a golfer’s paradise with crisp air and scenic fairways. Yet, the season is more than just a pretty backdrop; it poses unique challenges and fresh opportunities for every golfer. This essential guide dives deep into tackling fall golf like a pro, from the right apparel and footwear (also check out our Top 5 Golf Shoes for Fall Fairways) to equipment, hand warmers, and course management strategies.

Torn between walking the Fall Fairways and Riding in a Cart? Check out our piece “Fairways and Footsteps” and consider your options. Before we start, the change of season is a great time to refresh your arsenal and try something new. You can find great deals on pre-owned clubs or last year’s models.

Layering: Your Fall Golf BFF

As we say goodbye to hot summer days, we usher in Autumn and the art of layering on the golf course. Not only does layering keep you toasty, but it also allows you to adapt to unpredictable weather conditions. Forget bulky jackets that restrict your swing; let’s aim for a mix of lightweight and breathable layers. Lightweight doesn’t mean ineffective. Some sweaters incorporate thermal tech to keep you warm without bulking you up.

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From Tee to Green: Sweaters That Up Your Style Game

When you think sweaters, don’t picture Grandma’s holiday knit. Go for lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable options. Brands like Puma Golf offer sleek designs that look just as good at the 19th hole as they do on the course. What better to start with than some selections from Puma’s tribute to The King, Arnold Palmer?

Arnold palmer puma

The Rise of Casual Layers

True Linkswear offers jackets and casual layers that are both stylish and practical. No need to compromise your swing for style.

true linkswear fall zip
true 1/4 zip
true crewneck

Simple Yet Effective: Versatile Golf Shirts for Any Look

Think of basic colors like white, navy, or black for your inner layer. These tones make it easier to layer other pieces on top, without clashing. Classic is king. Since it’s Fall, why not celebrate the Ryder Cup as well?

Ryder Cup Zip

Hand Warmers – Your Friend in Cold Weather

The G-Tech 3.0 Hand Warmers are designed to be the ultimate solution for anyone who needs to keep their hands warm in cold conditions. Using patented “G-Tech Heat” technology, these hand warmers offer three different heat levels, reaching up to 210°F. They’re powered by a 7.4v rechargeable lithium polymer battery, providing up to 12+ hours of consistent heat. Unlike disposable chemical hand warmers, the G-Tech 3.0 Hand Warmers are eco-friendly and offer long-lasting warmth, making them ideal for outdoor activities like golf, hunting, and skiing.

G-Tech 3.0 Hand Warmer for Golf

Beyond just warmth, these hand warmers are engineered for top performance. The outer shell is made of water-repellant polyester, while the interior features a soft fleece lining for comfort and heat retention. Trusted by professional athletes across multiple leagues, including the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA tours, the Sport Pouch 3.0 is touted as enhancing player performance in cold weather. This makes it a perfect choice not just for athletes but also for outdoor workers and enthusiasts who require both warmth and dexterity. With a 30-day heat guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty, G-Tech is all about defeating the cold and creating comfort.

Rules, Challenges, and How to Adapt

A Fall Golf Guide would not be complete without calling out the new set of rules and challenges that the change of season presents to your golf game. One morning, you might face frost delays; another day, it’s falling leaves messing up your perfect putt. Knowledge is power.

Frost delays happen because walking on frost-covered grass can damage the turf. So, instead of being grumpy about waiting, take this time to warm up or socialize in the clubhouse. You might also notice the grass is a bit taller during fall. No, the groundskeeper didn’t get lazy; this is a tactic to conserve energy for the grass during the winter months. The grass becomes a “solar panel,” soaking up as much energy as possible.

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The Lift, Clean, and Place Rule

The “lift, clean, and place” rule is invoked by the golf course to help players deal with adverse conditions like heavy rain or mud. When this temporary rule is in effect, it allows golfers some leeway in improving their lie without penalty.Specifically, you are permitted to lift your ball from its current spot, clean off any mud or debris, and place it within one club length of the original spot – but no closer to the hole. This gives you the ability to move the ball off an undesirable lie like a divot or puddle.

Some key points about lift, clean, and place:

  • It must be declared by the golf course, you can’t just do it whenever you want. Check with the pro shop.
  • You get a one club length radius to place the ball. Use your longest club, excluding your putter.
  • The ball must be placed in the same condition (rough, fairway, etc). No improving your situation.
  • You cannot place the ball closer to the hole, only the same distance or farther.
  • Your marker should note the original spot in case of dispute.
  • Once placed, the ball is back in play. No re-placing if you don’t like the lie.
  • This rule is meant to improve playability, not gain an advantage. Don’t abuse it.
  • Some courses may have additional local rules, so always check first.

Lift, clean, and place can really rescue your round when the weather takes a turn. By removing mud and debris, it allows you to focus on your swing rather than fighting bad lies and conditions. Just be sure to use the rule responsibly without improving your original lie.

lift clean and place

Loose Impediments: Mastering Fall’s Unique Obstacles

Autumn leaves may create scenic views, but they can present a challenge to your golf game. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about strategy. A leaf in the wrong place can alter the ball’s trajectory or interfere with your perfect putt.

But fear not—according to the USGA, leaves, twigs, and even those pesky acorns are considered ‘loose impediments,’ which means you can move them without penalty. Check local rules for any guidelines about loose impediments and always be gentle when removing impediments to avoid altering the course conditions.

Read up on the rules: For more, on rule changes and Fall impact, see the USGA’s Fall Golf Guide.

loose impediements


What exactly counts as a loose impediment in fall?

Leaves, twigs, acorns, and even insects are considered loose impediments according to the USGA. You can remove these carefully without penalty before a shot.

Can removing a loose impediment cause a penalty?

No, as long as you’re careful not to move your ball in the process.

How should I adapt my game for taller grass in fall?

Expect slower greens and less roll on drives. The groundskeeper grows the grass longer to help the grass conserve energy over winter. Consider using a more lofted club for chip shots to account for thicker grass.

What is the lift, clean, and place rule?

This rule allows you to lift, clean, and place your ball within one club length of its original spot, no nearer the hole. It’s often invoked during muddy or wet conditions to improve lies.

How can I improve visibility of my ball among fall leaves?

Use a fluorescent golf ball for better contrast against autumn leaves. Brands like Cut Golf and Volvik make brightly colored balls that are easier to spot. Our partners, Cut Golf have a good selection of colored golf balls, as does Volvik.

Where can I learn more about fall golf rules?

Check with your club for local temporary rules. The USGA also publishes an annual Fall Golf Guide with essential rules for common fall conditions.

Autumn Footwear: Squairz and Puma Golf

When the fall breeze starts nipping at your heels, it’s time to give those feet the VIP treatment they deserve. Forget soggy socks and cold toes; the right pair of golf shoes can make or break your game, and even your season.


Squairz is a brand that stands out in the crowded footwear space, focusing on comfort and stability. Engineered for the golfer who takes every step seriously, Squairz offers an increased surface area in the forefoot, giving you that extra grip and control.

“SQAIRZ’s unique design broke the mold of traditional shoes to provide better balance and ground reaction force, resulting in increased swing speed and more consistent accuracy. Now pros are winning in SQAIRZ on tour, and thousands of satisfied customers are playing the best rounds of their life. It’s time to change your game with SQAIRZ.”.

Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ Founder

Squairz Highlights

  • Wide toe box for comfort
  • Engineered traction system for a solid swing foundation
  • Perfect for fall’s damp conditions
SQAIRZ SPEEDtm 6 1728x 1024x1024


Not to be outdone, Puma Golf is also making strides—literally—in the footwear game. Known for their blend of athletic performance and style, Puma offers a wide range of options that provide waterproofing, heat retention, and that ever-so-important grip.

The “Alpha” of all spikeless shoes just got even better. Introducing the ALPHACAT NITRO™, PUMA’s first-ever nitrogen-infused golf shoe, provides the perfect blend of premium cushioning and technical performance – because what you can’t see matters.

Puma Golf Highlights

  • Modern designs meet traditional performance
  • Advanced sole technology for optimum grip
  • A broad range of styles and color options to keep you looking fresh
puma nitro golf shoes alphacat
FeatureSquairzPuma Golf
Weather Resistance⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Soften Up, Club Up in Cooler Temps

Unlike warm Summer days, Fall is a season where your golf balls can lose their mojo! That’s right; cooler temps affect ball performance. Ever notice that your shots don’t travel as far when the air turns crisp? That’s because colder air is denser, and your ball doesn’t glide as smoothly through it.

  • Don’t be shy about clubbing up.
  • Take advantage of launch monitors to recalibrate your swing and distances for the new season.
  • Utilize training aids for consistent improvement.

A softer golf ball can help you retain that silky feel around the greens you’re used to. The softer core compensates for temperature changes, ensuring more consistent performance.

Ball Choice Tips

fall golf distance calibration
fall golf balls

Key Takeaways

  • Layer up with lightweight, breathable clothing that allows flexibility and warmth without restricting your swing. Brands like Puma Golf offer stylish sweater options.
  • Use hand warmers like the G-Tech 3.0 to keep your hands toasty for up to 12+ hours when temperatures drop.
  • Soften up your golf balls and club up to compensate for colder air that reduces distance. Test softer balls and recalibrate yardages.
  • Invest in waterproof, grippy golf shoes to handle autumn’s damp conditions. Squairz and Puma Golf have excellent selections.
  • Master the rules around frost delays, lift/clean/place, and removing loose impediments like leaves without penalty. Check the USGA’s annual Fall Golf Guide.

Wrap-Up: Fall in Love with Fall Golf

/As we wrap up our Fall Golf Guide, remember that it’s an experience that presents a unique challenge, from wardrobe choices to distance calibration and club selection. It’s about reading the greens masked by fallen leaves, understanding the effect of cold air on your golf balls, and choosing the right gear from head to toe. So take a moment to adjust, adapt, and, most importantly, enjoy the course’s scenic beauty as you tackle these new challenges.

For those looking to level up their game this fall, check out our comprehensive guide to the best golf-hitting nets, golf rangefinders, and remember, size does matter when selecting the right grips for your golf clubs. As we head towards the offseason for some, check out our guide on Home Practice Strategies.

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