Golf Putting Aids: Improve Your Stroke With Our Top Picks

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Putting is arguably the most important aspect of your golf game. While driving distance and accuracy off the tee get a lot of attention, putting truly separates the best from the rest. The old adage “Drive for show, putt for dough,” still rings true, even in a world where players are hitting it further than ever. If you can’t get the ball into the hole, you can’t score well. Improving your putting is a direct path to improving your scores and handicap.

Putting Statistics

  • On the PGA Tour, putting accounts for 43% of all strokes taken. 
  • The average PGA Tour pro makes just under 29 putts per round. The best putters on tour average around 27 putts, while the worst lag behind at over 31 putts per round.
  • For amateur golfers, putting makes up an even higher percentage of their score. Putting accounts for 48% of an amateur’s strokes per round.
  • Amateur golfers average 36 putts per round, with lower handicappers around 33 and higher handicappers closer to 40.
  • A key statistic is the number of three-putts per round. PGA Tour pros average just 2-3 three-putts per tournament. Amateurs average 3-4 three-putts per round, losing multiple strokes each round just on 3-putting.
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The data clearly shows the massive impact putting has on scores. Shaving a few putts per round can drastically lower an amateur’s handicap. While the long game garners attention, proficiency on the greens makes the biggest difference for pros and amateurs. Nothing can rescue a round like great putting, and nothing can sink it like poor putting. That is why all golfers should dedicate significant practice to the most crucial part of the game – putting.

In this post, we’ll introduce some of the most effective putting aids on the market, from the most technologically innovative to the simplest tools. These can help improve your stroke and your understanding of how and where you can improve.

None of our posts would be complete without a list of suggested further reading, and we have a list of our favorite putting books – a sample of the list from our most extensive post.

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About Putting Aids

Putting aids are essential for golfers looking to improve their short game and lower their scores. These training devices help golfers focus on specific aspects of their putting technique, such as alignment, stroke, and tempo, providing valuable feedback and guidance for improvement.

By incorporating putting aids into their practice routine, golfers can develop a more consistent and accurate putting stroke, leading to fewer putts per round and, ultimately, better overall performance.

The list we have curated covers the spectrum – from the simplicity of the Pelz O-Balls to the technologically advanced PuttLink Smart Ball – we have you covered with indoor practice greens, alignment aids, and training putters.

For more at-home practice ideas, see our posts “How To Practice Golf at Home”, “Creating the Ultimate Home Practice Area,” and “Maximize Your Potential with Training Aids.” If you are in the market for a new putter, check out the selection from our partner, Global Golf.

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Most Innovative Putting Aids

Puttlink Smart Ball

The PuttLink Smart Ball is a revolutionary putting training aid that connects wirelessly to your mobile device to provide real-time feedback and stats. It calculates true roll distance, green speed, entry pace, make percentage, and more to help you practice smarter, track progress, and lower your scores. With adjustable difficulty levels, multiple ball types, and fun competitions, the PuttLink Smart Ball makes putting practice engaging for golfers of all skill levels. This innovative smart ball takes the guesswork out of becoming a better putter.

The key benefits include:

  • Provides real-time putting stats and feedback
  • Calculates useful metrics like distance, green speed, make percentage
  • Adjustable difficulty and ball types for all skill levels
  • Makes practice more engaging and fun
  • Takes the guesswork out of improving as a putter

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Wellputt offers a range of training aids and mats designed to improve putting skills through innovative designs and visual aids. Their products, such as the Wellstroke, are developed in collaboration with renowned coach Cameron McCormick and aim to enhance putting accuracy, consistency, and speed control. Wellputt offers free shipping for orders over $100.

Wellputt mats feature patented designs with multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude, and eye positioning, offering an effective way to practice and develop muscle memory. These mats replicate the roll, speed, and feel of real-life greens, providing an authentic putting experience. Wellputt’s products are suitable for golfers of all skill levels and are designed to be durable, UV resistant, and easy to clean and store, making them a valuable tool for improving putting performance.

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PUTTR – Smart Putting Green

The Puttr Smart Putting Green is an AI-powered indoor putting mat that aims to make practicing putting fun through games and challenges. It uses a built-in camera to track your putts and provide data to improve your stroke. Puttr includes an app that has over 30 games as well as advanced analytics with a membership.

Puttr Smart Putting Green takes putting practice to another level by making it entertaining and competitive and its gamification and social features make practicing putting addicting.

Puttr is portable and easily storable: its ball return, power cord, and carpet all roll right into the box. Close the magnetic door, pull out the handles and you’re ready to go!

See what MyGolfSpy, Bloomberg, Forbes & others have to say about PUTTR

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The Stack Putting System

In our post “Speed Training in Golf: The Stack System Unveiled,” we took you through the Stack System as a Speed Training Program. Another feature the program offers is Stack Putting, an app and analytics tool that provides detailed feedback on your stroke. It allows you to track putts from various distances and slopes, analyzing make percentage, face angle, and stroke path.  The app offers different games and challenges to make practice more engaging and compare your stats against tour averages. The Stack System aims to identify strengths, expose weaknesses, and provide insights to improve your putting through purposeful and measurable practice. With its excellent analytics, engaging training games, and ability to track detailed putting data, the Stack System is an innovative tool to help golfers take their putting to the next level.

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Putting Balls and Cups

Dave Pelz O-Balls

The O-Ball putting aid provides instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke, as the roll of the ball reveals how well you executed the stroke. After off-line strokes, O-Balls roll with a clear visual “wobble,” while fair quality strokes roll with a slight “wobble,” and good strokes are rewarded with a “no-wobble” pure roll. This feedback is valuable for golfers of all skill levels, as it helps them identify areas for improvement and develop a more consistent putting stroke. This simple but effective tool is a staple of my putting practice routine.

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Devil Ball

The Devil Ball is an innovative putting training aid that helps golfers improve their face angle at impact through instant feedback, enabling them to make more putts by developing a more consistent stroke. Featuring a flat-edged impact zone, the Devil Ball exaggerates off-center hits, causing severely mis-hit putts to deviate far offline compared to a regular golf ball. With adjustable difficulty levels from beginner to pro, the Devil Ball challenges golfers at all skill levels to enhance their technical putting skills. 

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The PuttOut is an innovative putting aid that provides instant feedback on pace and accuracy to improve your stroke through addictive, fun practice. Its unique ramp design returns good putts the same distance they would roll past the hole while rejecting off-line putts, and the micro-target challenges you to dial in the perfect speed. With a portable, easy-to-set-up design, the PuttOut enables focused putting practice anywhere, helping golfers of all skill levels hole more putts by honing their technique. It makes putting practice engaging and efficient – it’s frustrating and addicting.

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Putting Greens and Mats

Big Moss Greens

Big Moss makes high-quality indoor greens that provide a realistic putting surface for practicing at home. Their greens come in various sizes to fit any space, roll true like a real bentgrass green, and are very durable. Features like adjustable breaks, chipping areas, and mini holes allow you to practice every short game shot imaginable. With their excellent putting surfaces, variety of practice options, and quality construction, Big Moss putting greens are a great investment to improve your short game year-round right at home. We highly recommend Big Moss putting greens for any golfer looking to enhance their skills with convenient at-home practice.

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Perfect Practice

Perfect Practice Putting Mats are high-quality putting mats designed to help golfers of all levels build skills and confidence through enhanced practice, featuring tour-proven technology and partnerships for an authentic training experience. Since 2019, their mission has been to provide proper tools that make perfecting your putting stroke convenient and achievable.

These high-quality mats feature a smooth, consistent roll, built-in track lines for alignment, and an automatic ball retrieval system for efficient practice. Available in three sizes, they cater to golfers of all skill levels and can be used indoors or outdoors on any flat surface. With their easy assembly and portability, Perfect Practice Putting Mats provide a convenient and effective way to work on putting technique and build confidence on the greens.

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Putting Alignment Aids

Tour Aim

The Tour Aim’s putting gate teaches proper alignment and aim, ensuring the face is square, and you start the ball on line to the target. The visual guide reinforces setup fundamentals like eyes over the ball and shoulder alignment to prevent common faults like pulling or pushing putts. Regular practice with Tour Aim builds muscle memory to aim confidently and stroke putts without needing a guide.  For any golfer looking to improve their putting, the Tour Aim training aid is an excellent tool to build consistency in alignment, setup, and rolling the ball on your intended line.

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Putting Arc

The Putting Arc from GolfTrainingAids.com is designed to help mprove the consistency of your putting stroke. It features a curved track that guides the putter head along an optimal arc, encouraging a smooth, pendulum-like putting motion. By practicing with the putting arc, golfers can develop a more consistent and repeatable putting stroke, which can lead to improved distance control and better putting performance on the course. The Putting Arc is portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For a limited time, GolfTrainingAids is offering a Limited Edition of its Putting Arc training aid, in Masters colors. “Get ready for golf’s biggest tournament with these special edition green Putting Arcs. Buy the MS3D or T3 models in this limited edition color before they sell out!”

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EyeLine Golf Putting Mirror

The Eyeline golf putting mirror is a popular and effective putting aid used by many pros and amateurs to improve alignment, posture, and stroke.  It provides instant visual feedback to ensure your eyes are over the ball and your shoulders are square.

With features like alignment lines, ball gates, and adjustable tees, the Eyeline putting mirror helps groove a consistent, accurate stroke. Simple, portable, and time-tested, the Eyeline putting mirror is a worthwhile training aid that can quickly improve your putting.

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Training Putter

LagShot Putter

Our partners, LagShot Golf, have developed a new training aid, the LagShot Putter, to help golfers of all skill levels improve their putting stroke. Its flexible shaft promotes proper tempo, rhythm, and lag, while the weighted clubhead sharpens distance control and accuracy. With practice, the Lagshot putter trains your hands, arms, and body to make a smooth, consistent stroke that generates the right pace. It helps to build a repeatable, confident putting stroke by ingraining proper mechanics through feel.

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LagShot Putter

Putting Books and Audiobooks

pelz putting bible book

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible

Summary: Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible provides a comprehensive, scientific approach to analyzing and improving your putting, with insights on proper aim, reading greens, ideal stroke mechanics, and effective practice routines.  Pelz emphasizes the importance of consistent alignment, face angle, pace, and directional control for improving putting skill. This detailed guide aims to help golfers master the greens by understanding the physics and biomechanics involved in an effective, repeatable putting stroke.

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Instinct Putting
by Eric Alpenfels, Bob Christina, Cary Heath

Summary: Instinct Putting promotes a counterintuitive technique of looking at the hole rather than the ball while putting, based on scientific tests showing improved results. The book explains how focusing visual attention on the target taps into the brain’s innate ability to perform complex tasks through unconscious processing. With simple steps to retrain traditional putting methods, Instinct Putting aims to boost putting skill by emphasizing proper alignment and distance control. This unique guide provides golfers with an unconventional but effective approach to conquer the mental game of putting.


Putting My Way
by Jack Nicklaus

Summary: In Putting My Way, Jack Nicklaus shares his comprehensive approach to mastering the art of putting, drawn from his decades of experience and success. Nicklaus provides practical advice on equipment, mechanics, reading greens, practice techniques, and strategy to build a repeatable, confident stroke.  This detailed putting guide aims to help golfers lower scores by improving their skill on the greens, the game’s most crucial yet neglected area. See our other posts on Nicklaus, “The Nickalus Head Swivel: A Study in Left Eye Dominance,” and “Golf Swing Thoughts: Unclutter Your Mind.”

putting out of your mind

Putting Out of Your Mind
by Bob Rotella

Summary: Putting Out of Your Mind emphasizes the mental aspect of putting over mechanics, advising golfers to trust their instincts and focus on the target rather than obsessing over technique. Rotella encourages a decisive, confident mindset, a simple pre-shot routine, and commitment to the read and stroke to improve putting skill. This mental approach to putting aims to help golfers get out of their way and tap into their natural ability to roll the ball into the hole.

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Unconscious Putting
by Dave Stockton

Summary: In Unconscious Putting, the legendary Dave Stockton shares his approach to mastering putting by tapping into your mind’s innate ability to perform complex tasks unconsciously. Stockton advocates visualizing the putt’s path, adopting an efficient pre-shot routine, and making a confident stroke focused on rolling the ball on your intended line. With strategies to improve reading greens, equipment, and managing emotions, Unconscious Putting aims to help golfers get out of their way and unlock their signature putting stroke.





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