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whats the deal with training clubs

I may not be Stan the Caddie, but I feel comfortable speaking authoritatively about golf training clubs since I have owned most of them. The fact that I’m still buying them, chasing perfection, should help temper your expectations. There are no magic beans or clubs that will solve all of your issues and turn you into a tour player overnight. Improvement comes from hard work and practicing the right things with a purpose – that’s where these training clubs can add value.

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A training club allows you to groove proper mechanics in a low-pressure environment before taking skills to the course. Many feature weighted heads, which promote a smooth, controlled swing tempo and prevent rushing the downswing. Others have flexible shafts that provide feedback on proper sequencing, lag, and impact. Training clubs also build muscle memory, making new swing techniques more natural.

Training with purposeful practice drills engrains good habits while eliminating compensations and flaws. Though training aids are no substitute for professional instruction, they can be useful for amateurs striving to reach the next level in their game.

In this post, we’ll look at our top picks from PureOne, Tour Striker, Orange Whip, LagShot, and Momentus and show you how, if used correctly with a good practice regimen, they can help you improve your game. Take a look at our previous post on Swing Training Aids,” which covers all of the different tools that you can use to improve your swing. Here, we will focus on four golf training clubs you can take to the range or use at home as part of your practice setup.

PureOne Golf

PureOne Golf is dedicated to helping medium to advanced level golfers enhance their game by offering the HitFit™, a unique game improvement club designed to increase accuracy, distance, and confidence. The HitFit™ club, scientifically tested and certified by Cool Clubs, features a smaller club face for focused practice, providing instant feedback on every hit to improve ball striking and reduce shot dispersion.

This approach is based on the philosophy of “aim small, miss small,” inspired by the founder’s experience in baseball, translated into golf to help players hit the sweet spot more consistently, which sounds much like the wisdom of the late, great Harvey Penick.

PureOne Golf’s products, including the HitFit™ iron, training driver, and training wedge, are designed for focused, intelligent practice, offering a risk-free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. Since becoming a partner of PureOne, I have gotten my hands on the HitFit, and it is now an integral part of my practice sessions.

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TourStriker 7-Iron

The Tour Striker 7 Iron is an innovative training club that improves ball striking and forward shaft lean. It has a raised leading edge and a small sweet spot that forces proper impact position. Swinging the weighted club ingrains proper sequencing, lag, and efficient body rotation. The flexible shaft enhances swing tempo and transition. The instant feedback reveals flaws like casting or flipping. Mastering the Tour Striker improves strike, compression, and consistency.

The 7 iron’s unique head shape trains correct delivery with a downward blow, resulting in tour-quality impact. The dynamic design demands precise strikes for solid contact. Practicing with the Tour Striker changes the understanding of proper contact. It quickly improves tempo, shallowing, lag, and efficient body motion. The weighted clubhead promotes using the body, not just hands and arms. The Tour Striker 7 Iron is an excellent training aid that helps golfers strike crisp, powerful shots by mastering proper impact positions.

The Tour Striker 7 Iron is cast of 433 stainless steel and comes with a .370 parallel tip and a True Temper Uniflex Steel Shaft. If you are already a huge fan of the Tour Striker Smart Ball, we urge you to give this club a shot.

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Orange Whip Wedge

The Orange Whip wedge combines the benefits of the original Orange Whip Swing Trainer with a wedge head to improve rhythm, sequencing, solid contact, and consistency for short shots around the green. It combines a counterweighted flexible shaft with a 56-degree wedge head designed by short game expert Stan Utley. The flexible shaft promotes proper rhythm and sequencing from the wrists through the shoulders and body. This trains solid contact for consistent distance control around the greens. The weighted grip engages the core and enhances flexibility for a greater range of motion. Swinging the Wedge freely develops proper release timing to compress the ball at impact. The feedback can help cure the yips by encouraging free-flowing motion.

Regular training with the Orange Whip Wedge also builds “muscle memory” for an ideal swing tempo. The weighted clubhead provides feedback if the downswing is rushed. Smooth acceleration boosts clubhead speed for crisper ball striking. Golfers learn to match the natural frequency of the flexible shaft to maximize energy transfer to the ball. Precise sequencing unlocks more power and control for executing any shot. Pitching, chipping, and bunker play all improve from enhanced rhythm and efficient mechanics. The Wedge can shave strokes from any short game with discipline and consistent usage.

LagShot Golf 7 Iron

The LagShot swing trainer features a weighted 7-iron with an extremely flexible blue shaft that promotes proper sequencing and lag in the downswing. The heavy clubhead forces golfers to use their bodies to generate power rather than just their arms and hands. This trains the correct hips, shoulders, and arms kinematic sequence for an efficient swing. The whippy shaft helps golfers narrow the downswing and release the clubhead through impact for more speed. Additionally, the exaggerated shaft flex improves swing tempo and smoothness.

By swinging the LagShot and feeling the shaft load and unload, golfers can ingrain the proper transition between backswing and downswing. If swing faults like casting, flipping, or coming over the top exist, the LagShot will reveal those mistakes. The training aid also helps with solid ball striking by demanding precise impact conditions to hit shots on target. Overall, the Lagshot is an excellent and simple training aid that can help golfers improve tempo, sequencing, shallowing, lag, and ball striking for more powerful and consistent shots.

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Momentus Power Hitter Driver

The Momentus Power Hitter combines proven weighting technology for perfect balance, feel, and immediate distance gains. They state that 20 minutes of practice with the Power Hitter can add 20 yards off the tee. While I have no evidence to support that and feel that “The Stack System” is the way to go for those Chasing Distance,” the Momentus will always be in my heart and bag. I use the shorter iron that can be used indoors all the time, and I was drawn to the Power Hitter because you can hit balls with it, and that’s why it makes this list. I recommend starting with half swings, getting the feel, and then building up to full swings with max effort.

Many Long-Drive Champions and Tour Pros use Momentus Golf Training Clubs, and consistent use of the Power Hitter improves strike, compression, and consistency. The weighted club forces the use of the body for maximum speed without tension or effort. Precise impact is demanded for solid strikes. Momentus also makes a 7 iron that I have used for years on the range. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it’s available anymore – at least, I could not find it anywhere except on eBay. If you’re looking for a non Driver option, they do have a Wedge.

Online instructional videos provide drills and tips for rapid improvement. Dedicated to maximizing potential, Momentus created the Power Hitter driver to unlock distance with this proven, tour-quality training aid. Their line of golf training clubs comes in various models for Men, Women, Juniors, and Lefty Models.

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