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Remember when the sight of a driver head the size of a softball at address used to draw snickers from golf traditionalists? Times have changed. The same analogy applies to grips, with oversize grips seen as something reserved for giants and golfers with exceptionally large hands. In our previous posts, “Size Matters” and “Golf Grips: An Evidence-Based Guide,” we have shown you this is not the case.

Since Bryson DeChambeau started bombing 400-yard drives using JumboMax grips, the popularity of these oversized grips has skyrocketed. More and more amateurs are now looking to mimic this setup for added yards and consistency. JumboMax grips represent a complete departure from the norm. Their substantial girth and lightweight feel aim to transform your grip pressure, comfort, and connection to the club. The benefits for certain players can be immense. But are jumbo grips right for your game?

This post will discuss who can gain from JumboMax, proper sizing techniques, and reviews from our testing and personal experience. You may be surprised to learn how these monster grips can tame hooks, increase swing speed, and relieve arthritis. Read on to determine if it’s time to supersize your grip game.

The Benefits of JumboMax Golf Grips

JumboMax golf grips have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially on the professional tours. These oversized grips offer some significant benefits over traditional grip sizes. Here are some of the main advantages of using JumboMax grips:

  • One of the most significant benefits of JumboMax grips is the ability to grip the club with less pressure. The larger size fills up more of your hands, so you don’t have to squeeze as tight to control the club. This lighter grip pressure allows for a smoother, more fluid swing motion and helps eliminate tension in the hands, wrists, and forearms. Less grip pressure can lead to increased clubhead speed and more distance.
  • The extra material provides a more comfortable feel at address and during the swing. Players with large hands or issues like arthritis can find substantial pain relief using the larger grip size. JumboMax helps minimize stress on joints and sensitive areas of the hands. The additional shock absorption can also reduce vibration and post-round soreness.
  • With a lighter grip pressure and a more secure hold on the club, JumboMax grips promote more consistency in ball-striking and shot patterns. It’s easier to return the clubface to square at impact when you aren’t squeezing too tight.
  • The oversized feel instills confidence at address for many golfers. Knowing you have a secure connection to the club allows you to commit fully to your swing without fear of the club turning or slipping.
  • Some JumboMax models are significantly heavier than standard grips. This counterbalances the club and helps stabilize the swing motion. Counterbalancing with a heavier grip is easy to smooth out your tempo and promote more consistency in your ball striking.
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Comparison to Standard and Midsize Grips

To fully appreciate the benefits of JumboMax grips, comparing them directly to standard and midsize grip options is helpful. The pros and cons come down to personal preference and swing characteristics. Testing different sizes is the best way to find your ideal grip. It’s worth experimenting to experience the potential benefits of JumboMax grips firsthand. Here are some key differences:

  • Size: JumboMax grips are oversized with a larger circumference, usually at least 1/8 inch larger than standard. Midsize grips are slightly bigger as well.
  • Weight: Standard grips weigh around 50 grams. Midsize grips add 5-15 grams. JumboMax grips can weigh over 100 grams. However, the UItralight model, used by Bryson, are 20-25% lighter than a standard grip.
  • Texture: JumboMax grips tend to be softer and more shock-absorbing. Standard and midsize grips offer a firmer feel.
  • Hand position: More of the grip rests in the palm with relaxed fingers. Standard grips sit deeper in the fingers.
  • Performance: JumboMax grips reduce tension for more speed. Standard and midsize grips provide more wrist action and clubface awareness.
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Fitting for JumboMax Grip Size

With JumboMax grips, one size does not fit all. Finding the right grip size for your hands and swing is important. Finding your optimal JumboMax grip size will maximize the performance benefits and deliver the best results in your game. Here are some tips for getting correctly fit:

  • Start with your glove size. Those requiring XL or XXL gloves will need the largest sizes.
  • Consider hand size and shape. Those with long, thin fingers can size down. Short, wide hands may need to size up.
  • Think about your swing flaws. Strong grips help tame hooks and overactive hands. Weaker grips give more feedback for slicers.
  • Test a few sizes to find the optimal balance of comfort, control and feedback.
  • Focus most on your driver and woods, as these clubs benefit most from JumboMax grips.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. It may take some trial and error to dial in your ideal size.
  • Work with a clubfitter if possible to test different sizes using a launch monitor.
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JumboMax Grips on the Professional Tours

The oversized JumboMax grip style has gained popularity on the professional tours in recent years. Bryson DeChambeau is probably the most notable player using JumboMax grips.

He employs the largest JumboMax grips on his clubs to minimize hand action and maximize clubhead speed. Other pros using JumboMax grips include:

  • Brooks Koepka
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Bubba Watson
  • Jason Day
  • Justin Thomas

While not yet mainstream, JumboMax grips are becoming more accepted, even among tour players. The pros are realizing the advantages over traditional grips, especially for promoting relaxation and power. Their adoption is driving increased usage across all playing levels.

Bryson JumboMax

Putting with JumboMax Grips

In addition to their oversized golf grips, JumboMax also offers jumbo-sized putter grips. These can provide similar benefits to putter performance:

  • Reduced grip pressure for a smoother, more pendulum-like stroke
  • Minimizes wrist action for better directional consistency
  • Improves stability for more control over distance
  • Helps achieve a neutral setup with eyes over the ball
  • Provides confidence and takes tension out of the stroke
  • Allows for lighter grip pressure to enhance feel

The largest JumboMax putter grips will angle the shaft slightly upright at address. This can take some adjustment but promotes a more stable, consistent stroke. Testing out a jumbo putter grip is worth considering for golfers struggling with their stroke mechanics. For more ideas on improving your putting, check out our posts on “The Best Putting Aids” and “Top 5 Putting Mats.”

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Are JumboMax Grips Right for You?

While JumboMax grips offer compelling performance benefits, they aren’t a magic fix for every golfer. The best way to determine if oversized grips suit you is to test them. Regrip one club and take it to the course to evaluate your performance. If you like the results, consider regripping your whole set. With the right fit, these grips can take your game to the next level. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding if they are suitable for your game:

  • Hand size – If you wear XL+ gloves, JumboMax grips are likely a good fit
  • Grip pressure – If you squeeze too tight or have hand/wrist pain, JumboMax grips can help
  • Swing speed – Faster swingers exert more force, and can benefit from oversized grips
  • Hand/wrist action – oversize grips may help to tame overactive hands
  • Comfort – If standard grips feel too small or cause pain, they can provide relief
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Personal Testimonial

About a year and a half ago, I started taking my swing training more seriously. My learnings have been the genesis and source of information for this blog. Tired of spending countless hours and dollars at the range, I set up a practice area in my yard. In the past, I had set up short game practice, even installing an outdoor green, but never set up a long game station with a hitting net and the whole nine yards. If this interests you, check out our series on home practice, where much of the detail and learned experiences are shared for your collective benefit.

Armed with this new setup of Net Return Net, Real Feel Golf Mat, and countless training aids, I spent hours going through my drills and the tuition from Top Speed Golf. At the time, I was using some Hogan Irons (ordered just before they shut down) with traditional grips. After a week or two, I was dealing with a lot of pain in my hands and arms, obviously from the constant swings, vibration, and contact with the ground. I may not be 20 anymore, but I’m not that old, so I didn’t think it was arthritis.

The Solution

After some research, I found JumboMax and ordered a set of the STR8 Tech to see if I could reap some benefits. I switched to oversized putter grips years ago, but it was always traditional with the other clubs. My results were twofold, backed by launch monitor data. First, the pain went away – not overnight, of course. But I am practicing more now than I ever have, and I am pain-free as far as my hands and arms go. Win. Second, I became less handsy in the downswing and my release. The hook that I have been battling was tamed. Not erased, but tamed, with no other swing corrections. So I believe in this technology, and that’s why there are so many (this is the third) posts on this blog about grip size and lauding these grips.


Are JumboMax grips legal for tournament play?

JumboMax grips conform fully to USGA rules and are legal for use in all amateur and professional tournaments. Their larger size exceeds the limits for overall club length.

Do JumboMax grips improve feel and control?

The larger size and lighter grip pressure of JumboMax grips gives most golfers a better sense of feel and awareness of the clubface position. The enhanced traction also provides a more secure connection through the swing for improved control.

Can JumboMax grips help arthritis sufferers?

Yes, JumboMax grips provide substantial pain relief for golfers with hand arthritis or joint issues. The oversized shape with extra cushioning reduces grip pressure and vibration. Players experience less discomfort during and after rounds.

How long do JumboMax grips last?

The tacky polyurethane outer layer on jumbomax grips enhances durability. Less friction also increases grip life. Most golfers can expect their JumboMax grips to last at least a full season before needing replacement.

Do JumboMax grips reduce slice or hook?

JumboMax grips make it harder to manipulate the clubface, slowing closure rate through impact. This keeps the face square longer, promoting straighter shots. Stronger grips reduce hook, while weaker grips lessen slice.

Do Tour pros use JumboMax grips?

Yes, several Tour pros have adopted JumboMax grips, including: Bryson DeChambeau – Uses JumboMax Tour Series XL grips to minimize hand action and increase clubhead speed. Brooks Koepka – Employs JumboMax grips on his driver and fairway woods. Bubba Watson – Plays JumboMax grips on his pink driver. Credits them with improving his grip consistency.

How do Jumbomax grips affect swing weight?

Installing a JumboMax grip can alter the swing weight of a club. Grips like the Tour Series weigh over 100g and are heavier than most standard grips. This extra mass lowers swing weight. However, since much of the grip’s mass is below the hands’ pivot point at address, the effect on swing weight is reduced. Any change can be adjusted by adding or removing weight from the clubhead to return to the desired swing weight.

Can I use Arccoss Smart Sensors with JumboMax grips?

Yes, you can – putter and regular grip sensors are available. Please take a look at the JumboMax website for more details.





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