Our Top 20 Masters-Inspired Books and Audiobooks

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The first week of April means one thing to golfers – after a long winter, it’s finally time for the Masters! This week, we’re getting a taste of the course with the Augusta National Women’s Amateur – see our preview to help set the stage. In this post, we’ll share our Top 20 Masters-inspired books and audiobooks. Our curated list promises to enhance your appreciation and understanding of one of the most iconic events in the sport.

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We’ll cover the origins and history of the prestigious tournament, tales of the legends who have defined its legacy, and instructional guides that offer insights into the strategies and techniques that have led to success at Augusta National.

From the early days when Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts conceived and built the Masters into a premier golf event to the modern era when Tiger Woods and other superstars have cemented its status, these books and audiobooks delve into the rich history, memorable moments, and enduring appeal of the Master’s tournament.

Our list includes books and audiobooks that cover Augusta National and the Masters Tournament, as well as biographies of past Masters champions like Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros, and Tiger Woods. You will discover the personal stories, strategic insights, and cultural significance that have made the Masters one of the world’s most revered and anticipated sporting events.

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Masters-Inspired Books and Audiobooks

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Making the Masters
by David Barrett

Summary: Making the Masters by David Barrett provides the origin story of the Masters tournament, detailing how Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts conceived it in the 1930s and quickly established itself as one of golf’s most prestigious events. The book chronicles how Jones and Roberts built the tournament from the ground up despite tough economic times, highlighting key events, winners, and moments that shaped its legacy over the years.  Barrett’s comprehensive history shares little-known stories about the Masters and the many golfers who have defined its prestige as one of America’s greatest sporting events.

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The Masters: A Hole-by-Hole History of America’s Golf Classic
by David Sowell

Summary: Discover the secrets of Augusta National with “The Masters” audiobook by David Sowell. This comprehensive guide provides insights into each hole’s history, challenges, and iconic moments. Perfect for both seasoned fans and casual enthusiasts, gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the tournament with this audio tour.

So, the next time you’re watching the Masters on TV, you’ll have a newfound respect for what it takes to conquer Augusta. And who knows? The strategic insights might just help you tackle your local course a little more skillfully.

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The Story of The Masters
by David Barrett

Summary: The Story of the Masters is the first comprehensive year-by-year history of the world’s most famous golf tournament. Veteran golf journalist David Barrett draws upon contemporaneous reporting and other source material to offer dramatic accounts of each year the tournament has been played, starting in 1934.

The story of the tournament progresses from the early years when it was founded by golf great Bobby Jones and quickly established itself as an elite event, to the post-World War II era when Sam Snead and Ben Hogan dominated. The thrilling exploits of dashing hero Arnold Palmer brought the tournament into the television age and the sustained excellence of Jack Nicklaus helped to further the prestige of the tournament. Nearly two full decades of European dominance of the Masters heralded the international age of golf. Then Tiger Woods came along and used the Augusta stage for his coming-out party in 1997 and then for his epic comeback in 2019.

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Seven Days in Augusta
by Mark Cannizzaro

Summary: The Masters is unquestionably the crown jewel of golf’s major tournaments, not only for the transcendent performances it has inspired over the years, but for the incomparable sights and sounds of Augusta National and its environs, each distinct element contributing to the storied, rarefied atmosphere which draws tens of thousands to Georgia each spring.

Seven Days in Augusta spans everything from the par-3 contest, to Amen Corner, to Butler Cabin. Mark Cannizzaro goes behind the scenes of the exclusive competition, covering wide-ranging topics including green jacket rituals, tales from The Crow’s Nest atop the clubhouse, the extreme lengths some fans have gone to acquire tickets, and what goes on outside the gates during Masters week. Also featuring some of the most memorable and dramatic moments from the tournament’s history, this is an essential, expansive look at golf’s favorite event.

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The Masters: Golf, Money, and Power in Augusta, Georgia
by Curt Sampson

Summary: The Masters golf tournament weaves a hypnotic spell. It is the toughest ticket in sports, with black-market tickets selling for $10,000 and more. Success at Augusta National breeds legends, while failure can overshadow even the most brilliant of careers. But as Curt Sampson reveals in The Masters, a cold heart beats behind the warm antebellum facade of this famous Augusta course.

That heart belongs to the man who killed himself on the grounds two decades ago. Club and tournament founder Clifford Roberts, a New York stockbroker, still seems to run the place from his grave. An elusive and reclusive figure, Roberts pulled the strings that made the Masters the greatest golf tournament in the world. His story, including his relationship with Presidents, power brokers, and every golf champion from Bobby Jones to Arnold Palmer to Jack Nicklaus, has never been told, until now.

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The Lost Masters
by Curt Sampson

Summary: “The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in ’68” by Curt Sampson provides a detailed account of the 1968 Masters golf tournament. The key points from the book are:The book recounts the personal relationship between golfers Bob Goalby and Roberto De Vicenzo, who were involved in a controversial scoring error at the 1968 Masters tournament. 

Goalby was declared the winner of the 1968 Masters after De Vicenzo signed an incorrect scorecard, giving Goalby the title despite De Vicenzo having a lower overall score. The book delves into the personal dynamics and emotions surrounding this incident, which was a major controversy and disappointment at the time. Sampson’s book is praised for its “great detail” in recounting this pivotal moment in golf history. The book provides insights into the careers and personal lives of Goalby and De Vicenzo, and the lasting impact of the 1968 Masters scoring error. 

grand slam jones book

The Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America,
and the Story of Golf

by Mark Frost

Summary: “The Grand Slam: Bobby Jones, America, and the Story of Golf” is a biography that tells the story of Bobby Jones and his incredible achievement of winning all four major tournaments in the same year, 1930. The book delves into Jones’ background, his introduction to golf at East Lake Country Club in Atlanta, and his progress as a junior golfer. It also explores the challenges he faced in adapting his playing style and refining his attitude toward the game to win against the best players of his time consistently.

It also provides insights into Jones’ personal life, relationships with fellow golfers, and impact on the sport. Frost’s storytelling captures the excitement of Jones’ historic accomplishment and his lasting legacy in golf.

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The Spirit of St Andrews
by Alister McKenzie

Summary: Alister MacKenzie was one of golf’s greatest architects.  He designed his courses so players of all skill levels could enjoy the game while creating fantastic challenges for the most experienced players.  MacKenzie’s courses, such as Augusta National, Cypress Point, and Pasatiempo, remain in the top 100 today.  

In his “lost” 1933 manuscript, published for the first time in 1995 and now finally available in paperback, MacKenzie leads you through the evolution of golf–from St. Andrews to the modern-day golf course–and shares his insight on great golf holes the swing, technology and equipment, putting tips, the USGA, the Royal & Ancient, and more.  With fascinating stories about Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen, and many others, The Spirit of St.  Andrews gives valuable lessons for all golfers and an intimate portrait of Alister MacKenzie, a true legend of the game.

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Golf Architecture
by Alister McKenzie

Summary: If you were ever in doubt as to what strategic design really means, why it is superior to other philosophies of golf architecture, what makes St. Andrews Old Course “infinitely superior to anything else,” or why the great sin in golf architecture is any feature that looks unnatural, you will find your answers here.

In reading Golf Architecture you will learn to judge the merits and demerits of any hole you play, knowledge that will add considerably to your enjoyment in playing old, familiar courses as well as new ones.
Alister MacKenzie was not the most prolific designer, or even close, but who can approach his achievement of having designed three courses that are consistently listed among the top ten golf courses in the world? Royal Melbourne in Australia, Cypress Point in California, and Augusta National in Georgia are among the brightest jewels in the golfing crown.

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Roaring Back: The Fall and Rise of Tiger Woods
by Curt Sampson

Summary: Curt Sampson’s “Roaring Back” chronicles Tiger Woods’s dramatic comeback and victory at the 2019 Masters tournament, detailing his fall from grace through scandal and injury as context for his against-the-odds return to glory. Structured in three acts, the book provides insights into Woods’s unyielding determination and meticulous preparation while examining his complex persona through interviews with coaches, peers, and golf journalists.  

Sampson argues that Woods’s 2019 Masters win, after years of personal and physical setbacks, represents one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.  With exclusive interviews and reporting, “Roaring Back” captures a pivotal moment in the career of one of golf’s most legendary figures.

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The Majors: In Pursuit of Golf’s Holy Grail
by John Feinstein

Summary: A major championship is the crown jewel in golf, and John Feinstein’s “The Majors” takes you on an unprecedented journey through these elite tournaments. This isn’t just about the tournaments you watch on TV; it’s about the grit, grind, and determination behind every shot. Feinstein goes behind the scenes, interviewing players, caddies, and officials to give you a comprehensive look at what it takes to win—or lose—a major.

If you’ve ever wondered what separates the titans of golf from the weekend warriors, this audiobook answers. Understanding the psychology, strategy, and sheer willpower required to win a major can give you a new perspective on your own game. Whether you’re looking to conquer your local golf tournament or just want a deeper understanding of the sport, “The Majors” delivers.

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Golf My Way
by Jack Nicklaus

Summary: Golf My Way provides a comprehensive overview of Jack Nicklaus’s approach to every aspect of the game, from swing fundamentals to course management to the mental side of golf. Nicklaus explains his unorthodox upright swing in detail, advising golfers to develop a technique matched to their natural abilities rather than copy a rigid model.

Nickalus shares wisdom on shot selection, practice routines, concentration techniques, and strategically playing to one’s strengths on each golf course. While some advice is outdated, Nicklaus imparts timeless golf insights on work ethic, confidence, and optimizing performance under pressure. Golf My Way offers a fascinating look inside the mind and methods of one of history’s greatest golfers.

how i play golf tiger

2000’s – How I Play Golf
by Tiger Woods (2001)

Summary: In his instructional book, Woods reveals the physical, mental, and emotional techniques behind his golf mastery. From proper grip and swing mechanics to training regimen and focus.  Blending golf strategy with philosophical insights, Woods aims to help readers improve their game by adopting his meticulous, disciplined approach to practice and competition. 

While few can match his skill, Woods believes anyone can benefit from his strategic insights and methods for mental toughness, making “How I Play Golf” an invaluable resource for golfers of all levels. With detailed lessons and personal anecdotes, this book provides a comprehensive look at the record-shattering methods of one of history’s greatest golfers.

a life well played

A Life Well Played
by Arnold Palmer

Summary: The autobiography A Life Well Played provides Arnold Palmer’s personal stories and wisdom, chronicling his journey from childhood to becoming one of golf’s greatest players and most beloved figures.  Palmer reflects on experiences throughout his life and career, offering entertaining anecdotes and advice on golf, business, and relationships in his warm, engaging voice. The book serves as Palmer’s parting gift to readers, with timeless lessons on conducting oneself with integrity, graciousness, and honor in all facets of life. Don’t forget to check out Puma’s new Arnold Palmer Tribute.

my story book by jack nicklaus

My Story
by Jack Nicklaus

Summary: In his candid autobiography, golf legend Jack Nicklaus takes listeners through his record-setting career, reflecting on his unmatched major championship victories, approach to competing at the highest level, and the physical and mental challenges he faced. Nicklaus provides an insider perspective on legendary triumphs like the 1986 Masters at age 46 and some painful defeats, portraying his relentless competitiveness and intense desire to practice and improve.

Sharing warm recollections about family and fellow golfers, Nicklaus reveals the person behind the intense, focused golfer known for steely determination, showing his devotion as a husband, father, and mentor. From dominating the sport in his prime to remaining a contender into his 40s, Jack Nicklaus: My Story gives an intimate, first-hand account of the life and achievements of one of golf’s greatest champions. 

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Bobby Jones on Golf

Summary: Bobby Jones on Golf compiles wisdom from the legendary golfer on grip, stance, swing technique, shot-making, and course management. Jones advocates developing a smooth, rhythmic swing by learning to “swing easy” and not overpower the club. He provides tips on specific shots like the draw, fade, punch, and chip, advising golfers to become shotmakers who can work the ball.

Jones also shares his mental approach, stressing patience, carefree confidence, and enjoyment of golf for its own sake. Overall the book focuses on sound fundamentals, clever strategy, and the thoughtful, relaxed mindset that Jones believes leads to peak performance on the course.

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by David Sowell

Summary: Sarazen: The Story of a Golfing Legend and His Epic Moment details Gene Sarazen’s life and storied career, from his days sweeping floors in a pro shop through his rise in the golfing world to become one of the country’s foremost players. Central to the story is Sarazen’s iconic moment in the sport, a long shot from 235 yards that somehow found the bottom of the cup at Augusta National—perhaps fitting for a man whose golfing career was once considered a long shot itself. It became the greatest shot in golf history and put the Augusta National Golf Club on the map.


American Triumvirate: Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, and the Modern Age of Golf
by James Dodson

Summary: “American Triumverate” chronicles how golf legends Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, and Ben Hogan rescued the struggling sport of golf from irrelevance during the Great Depression era with their spectacular play and rivalry. Their transformative impact elevated golf into a popular spectator sport, setting viewership and sponsorship records while modernizing how the game was played with their power and precision.

James Dodson argues their outsized talent and work ethic overcame difficult childhoods to make them transcendent star athletes who carried golf to new heights in the public consciousness, paving the way for future icons like Palmer, Nicklaus, & Woods. Skillfully weaving biography with social history, Dodson captures how the “American Triumvirate” of Snead, Nelson and Hogan revolutionized golf as a modern sport through their compelling personal narratives. Critics praised the book as “populated by giants, roaming the country in search of greatness” in bringing this pivotal sports history alive.


by Curt Sampson

Summary: Ben Hogan was the hero no one knew. No one knew what drove him to practice until his hands bled. No one knew what private demons built the high walls that surrounded him. No one was even sure how he hit a golf ball with such godlike precision. He built a legend and a mystique that captivates golfers still.

Combining interviews with Byron Nelson, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, and scores of other golf professionals, as well as insights from Hogan¿s friends and business associates, Hogan traces the life of an amazing man and tells an unforgettable story.

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Seve: The Offical Autobiography
by Seve Ballesteros

Summary: Seve Ballesteros tells his life story in his own words in the autobiography titled “Seve: The Autobiography”, published in 2007. It details his humble beginnings in a small Spanish fishing village, his immense natural golf talent, his 5 major championship victories, time ranked as world #1 player, and his legacy in revolutionizing and growing the game across Europe.

The book allows readers intimate insight into the genius, magic, and aggression behind Ballesteros’s shotmaking artistry that made him an icon transcending golf. It captures Seve’s supreme passion, creativity, and flair that inspired legions of fans while paving the way for future Spanish golf champions.





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