Size Matters: Selecting the Right Grips for Your Clubs


This post will help you understand the process of selecting the right grips for your golf clubs as well as identify when it’s time to for a regrip. Additionally, we will spotlight JumboMax grips, who challenge traditional conventions and have converted several high-profile players such as Bryson DeChambeau. We’ll present our top picks from renowned manufacturers, including Golf Pride, Winn, SuperStroke, JumboMax, and Lamkin. Finally, we’ll leave you with links to fitting guides, videos, essentials, and recommendations to take the fitting journey further.

How often do you think about regripping your golf clubs? Do you buy your clubs off the rack and use whatever came with them? If you do, you may be hurting your game and missing an opportunity to improve. Often, people concentrate on the clubs and balls, but the grip is a crucial component that many overlook. Having a correctly fitting grip can make a significant difference in your game. We recently published a sequel to this article, “Golf Grips: The Evidence-Based Guide to Optimize Your Game,” where we highlight a study that challenges the principles of traditional grip fitting.

The Importance of the Right Grip

The only way you are connected with the golf club is by your grip. How you grip the club greatly influences your swing. A correct golf grip gives you the freedom to swing the golf club with the most power and precision that you possibly can.”

Bobby Jones

When we think about grip – we immediately consider how we hold the club – overlap, interlock, or even the baseball grip. To use a glove or go natural, how much pressure to apply, and what effect that has on our swing. Often overlooked is grip fitting – type and size of grip – and fitting that to our characteristics. Additionally, many innovations have improved control, tackiness, and overall swing speed, and even contain visual and textural aids to get your hands started in the correct position. You can even have these aids prealigned on the club to enhance the repeatability of your strong or weak grip.

A golf.com study tested 1,440 golfers and found that an astounding 90% of them were using the wrong grips! The wrong grip size can lead to loss of control, hand manipulation, and reduced swing speed (power and distance). Starting the swing behind the eight ball will only lead to overcompensations and inconsistency in your swing.

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Types of Grips

Choosing the right grip for your golf clubs goes beyond personal preference; it’s also about considering the conditions in which you usually play. Let’s delve into the main grip categories, the manufacturers who are leaders in each, popular models, and when each type might be the most beneficial for you.

Rubber Grips

  • Relevant Info: These grips are the industry standard and offer a variety of textures. They are durable and versatile.
  • When to Use: These are all-weather grips, suitable for a wide range of climates and conditions.
  • Popular Models: Lamkin Crossline, Lamkin Z5

Corded Grips

  • Relevant Info: Corded grips provide extra texture for better traction and are particularly useful in humid or wet conditions.
  • When to Use: Ideal for humid climates or for players who tend to have sweaty hands.
  • Popular Models: Winn Excel Wrap, Winn Dri-Tac

Wrap Grips

  • Relevant Info: Wrap grips mimic the feel of leather and are generally more comfortable.
  • When to Use: These are great for casual play and are often preferred for their comfort.
  • Popular Models: SuperStroke S-Tech, SuperStroke Traxion Tour


  • Relevant Info: These grips use multiple materials to offer the benefits of both rubber and corded grips.
  • When to Use: These are versatile and can be used in various weather conditions. They’re a great choice for players looking for the best of both worlds.
  • Popular Models: Golf Pride MCC Plus4, Golf Pride Tour Velvet


  • Relevant Info: These grips are much larger than standard grips and are suitable for players with large hands or those who suffer from hand fatigue or arthritis.
  • When to Use: If you have larger hands, or medical conditions like arthritis, these are designed for you. Also, these can be good in colder climates where a firmer grip is needed.
  • Popular Models: JumboMax Tour Series, JumboMax UltraLite

Putter Grips

  • Relevant Info: Designed exclusively for putters, these grips often have unique shapes and textures for better alignment and control. Consider a regrip if you’re looking for an increased feel.
  • Popular Models: SuperStroke Flatso, SuperStroke Pistol GT, JumboMax Pistol

Sizing Suggestions

Per Golf Pride, sizing can be done relative to your golf glove size as below:

  • Glove Size: Men’s Small / Women’s Small or Medium
    • Recommended Grip Size: Undersize
  • Glove Size: Men’s Medium or ML / Women’s Large
    • Recommended Grip Size: Standard
  • Glove Size: Men’s Large
    • Recommended Grip Size: Midsize
  • Glove Size: Men’s XL or 2XL
    • Recommended Grip Size: Midsize or Jumbo
jumbomax hands fitting

You can also measure your hand size if you don’t know your glove size (or don’t wear a glove). Measure from the crease of your wrist (where your hand meets your forearm) to the tip of your middle finger.

There is some overlap between sizes, as many players fit in the range of either a standard or midsize grip – that’s why it’s crucial to feel grips or test different configurations if you’re able to find what works best.

  • Crease to Fingertip: 5″ to 6.5″
    • Recommended Grip Size: Undersize
  • Crease to Fingertip: 6.6″ to 7.5″
    • Recommended Grip Size: Standard
  • Crease to Fingertip: 7.6″ to 9″
    • Recommended Grip Size: Midsize
  • Crease to Fingertip: 9.1″ to 10″
    • Recommended Grip Size: Jumbo
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Spotlight on JumboMax: Changing the Grip Game

When it comes to innovation in golf grips, JumboMax stands out as a leader in the industry. What sets this brand apart? For starters, JumboMax has revolutionized the concept of grip sizing. Their focus on larger, “jumbo” size grips provides a unique solution for golfers with large hands or those who suffer from issues like arthritis or hand fatigue. Their products are engineered to provide increased surface contact with the hands, allowing for better control and less grip pressure. This can translate to improved accuracy and longer drives—something every golfer desires.

But it’s not just about size; JumboMax grips excel in quality and durability. Made with premium materials that offer excellent tackiness and weather resistance, these grips are built to last. The company’s commitment to research and innovation has even caught the attention of professionals; notable pro golfers like Bryson DeChambeau have adopted JumboMax grips for their exceptional performance.

Our Top JumboMax Picks:

  • JumboMax Tour Series: Perfect for those who want a grip that offers both control and speed.
  • JumboMax UltraLite: Ideal for golfers looking for lightweight yet sizable grips.
  • JumboMax STR8Tech: Promotes faster clubhead speed with maximum control. The STR8Tech are on all of my clubs!
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Knowing When to Regrip: Timing is Everything

Putting fresh grips on your golf clubs should never be overlooked, but knowing when to replace your grip can often be tricky. Generally, if you’re playing regularly—say, once a week—it’s a good rule of thumb to replace your grips at least once a year. Signs of wear and tear, such as visible cracks, fading, or reduced tackiness, indicate it’s time to refresh your grips. Additionally, if you’re starting to adjust your grip mid-round or find your hands slipping during swings, that’s another red flag.

However, the frequency can vary depending on many factors, such as how often you play, whether you use a cart or carry your bag (which exposes the grips to more elements), and even the natural oils from your hands. Players in more humid climates or those who don’t wear gloves may find that their grips wear out more quickly. Regardless, regularly inspecting your grips can pay off in better performance and reduced strain during your rounds. Remember, changing your grips is far less expensive than suffering from the adverse effects of using worn-out ones.

In an informative Golf Digest Article, John Hutzler of SwingFit stated “If I were a betting man, I might go as far to say that grip fittings will become the next hottest trend. It’s just that important, and when compared to buying a brand-new golf club, it’s not a bad way to breathe new life into your clubs at a very small cost.”

Regripping is also far less expensive than getting a new set of clubs – so consider fitting yourself for a new set and changing them up rather than springing for yet another set and expecting different results. It might be just what you need.

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Golf Grips: Take it Further






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