Best 5 Golf Shoes For Fall Fairways: Revamp Your Style

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The cooler temperatures and less crowded courses make it an ideal time to walk the fairways. But walking the course isn’t just about enjoying the seasonal beauty and enhancing your golf game. A good walk can improve physical health, increase familiarity with the layout, and sharpen strategic thinking. To make the most of this experience, the right pair of golf shoes is indispensable. In this article, we’ll delve into the key features that make a golf shoe great for walking and spotlight our top picks for the season. You’ll hear from our partner brands, Squairz, Puma, and True Linkswear. Our previous articles, “Fairways & Footsteps” and “Beyond Pumpkin Spice: Our Guide to Fall Golfing,” can also be good starting points for you.

Benefits of Walking the Course in Fall

Walking the golf course isn’t just a stroll; it’s an integral part of the game that offers numerous benefits. When combined with the atmospheric charm of fall, these benefits are amplified. Grab a Fitbit and start a walking regimen. Don’t just take it from me; the Walking Golfer’s Society has much to say.

Cardiovascular Health

Walking for 18 holes can be the equivalent of a 5-mile walk. That’s a solid cardio workout that helps improve heart health without the strain of a high-intensity workout.

Mental Clarity and Lower Scores

The serenity of fall—think golden leaves and cool, crisp air—enhances your focus and mental clarity. Walking allows you to connect with the course and your own game on a deeper level. Interestingly, a study has shown that players who walk the course tend to focus better and, as a result, play more effectively. This could be your secret weapon for lowering your scores this fall.

Course Familiarity

Walking gives you a ground-level perspective that riding in a cart simply can’t offer. You’ll get to know the nuances of the fairways, from the subtle slopes to the varying textures of the grass, which can be invaluable for your strategy.

Bonus: Caloric Burn

Yes, you read that right. Walking the course can burn up to 2,000 calories, making it a great way to balance out any post-round celebrations.

Seasonal Advantages

Last but not least, fall offers its own unique advantages. Cooler temperatures mean less fatigue, and the softer ground provides natural cushioning for your feet, enhancing comfort.

When Walking Isn’t an Option

While we’re strong advocates for walking the course, especially during the scenic fall months, it’s important to note that not all courses permit it. Some courses have cart-only policies, particularly those with challenging terrains or larger distances between holes. In those cases, riding a cart is your only option. However, whenever the opportunity to walk the course presents itself, we wholeheartedly recommend seizing it to enjoy the benefits outlined above.

Golf Shoes for Walking

When it comes to golf shoes, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Your choice of footwear can significantly impact your comfort, stability, and overall performance when walking the course. Let’s break down the main types of golf shoes you can consider for your autumnal rounds.

Spiked Golf Shoes

These shoes are the traditional choice for many golfers, providing maximum grip and stability, especially on wet or uneven terrains. They are particularly useful for early morning rounds when the dew is still on the grass.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless shoes offer a more versatile and comfortable option. They are designed with a flat outsole and rubber studs or dimples for grip. Their more relaxed fit makes them an excellent choice for walking long distances.

Casual Golf Shoes

Casual golf shoes resemble everyday shoes/sneakers and offer functionality beyond golf but are engineered with golf-specific features. They offer a comfortable and stylish alternative for golfers prioritizing ease and aesthetics.

Our Top Picks: Golf Shoes for Walking Fall Fairways

Choosing the perfect pair of golf shoes for walking can be a daunting task. But worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks that will keep you comfortable and stylish as you stroll through the fairways this fall.

Squairz Speed

Type: Spiked

SQAIRZ golf shoes feature a distinctive square-toe shape that ensures comfort and enhanced performance during your game. They have been recognized as My Golf Spy’s top shoe for stability in 2022. According to the manufacturer’s claim, these shoes also help improve ground force connection and have been proven to increase distance by 8+ yards. Additionally, they maximize comfort by enabling your toes to spread naturally.

squairz speed golf shoes

Game Improvement

Squairz confidently asserts that their shoes can enhance your golf game. Their innovative design prioritizes stability and balance, both crucial elements in achieving a strong and consistent golf swing. With a spacious toe box and increased flexibility in the forefoot, natural foot movement is facilitated, leading to better weight distribution and more powerful swings. Many golfers have reported improved performance after switching to Squairz, especially in difficult conditions where grip and stability are essential.

Puma Ignite Fasten8

Type: Spikeless

The Puma IGNITE Fasten8 is not just any golf shoe. It embodies patriotism with its cutting-edge technology and striking red, white, and blue design with a star graphic inspired by the Ryder Cup. The shoe has a PWRCage TPU structure that offers excellent midfoot support. Its integrated webbing straps also ensure a secure fit, making it a reliable choice for any golfer on and off the course.

puma ignite fasten

This shoe stands out not only because of its eye-catching design but also because of its features. The IGNITE Fasten8 has a Flat-Knit Mesh upper and PWRFrame TPU overlays, which provide breathability and a one-year waterproof warranty. The full-length IGNITE Foam midsole wrapped in SoleShield ensures comfort and energy return for all-day wear. The Pro-Form TPU outsole has an ORGANICALLY-ALTERED TRACTION pattern, giving you the stability and grip needed to conquer any course.

True OG Feel

Type: Casual

Looking for a versatile golf shoe that can double as your go-to for outdoor adventures? Look no further than the True Linkswear OG Feel. With its flexible outsole, this shoe delivers exceptional traction on the golf course, so you can feel confident during your swings. Plus, its moisture-wicking shell keeps your feet dry and comfortable, even during early-morning rounds. And when you’re ready to explore beyond the greens, this shoe is designed for walking and outdoor adventures. Stay connected to the ground and enjoy superior comfort with the True Linkswear OG Feel.

true og feel golf shoe

If you enjoy golfing, walking, or outdoor activities, the True Linkswear OG Feel shoes are perfect for your day. These shoes are designed to provide traction and comfort, ensuring you stay stable on the golf course while keeping your feet comfortable and dry. They are versatile enough to seamlessly transition from golfing to walking or any other outdoor adventure, making them a great choice for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Puma Ignite Liberty

Type: Spiked

Looking for a shoe that can keep up with the demands of your golf swing? Look no further than the Puma IGNITE ELEVATE. Using innovative PWRFRAME and PWRCAGE technology, this shoe offers unbeatable stability from start to finish. Plus, its design ensures maximum comfort, so you can easily focus on your game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting, the IGNITE ELEVATE will take your golf game to the next level.

puma liberty golf shoe

Comfort & Stability

Made of premium leather and engineered mesh, it provides structure and support. A TPU film is fused underneath for additional support. The revolutionary and proprietary midsole foam offers energy return, responsive comfort, stable cushioning, and superior step-in comfort. With a lightweight TPU saddle, these shoes provide excellent support and stability during your swing. The concentric pattern in which they’re built ensures that they grip the ground no matter the motion or force you put on them.

Puma Alphacat Nitro

Type: Spikeless

Experience advanced cushioning and a customized fit with Nitro foam. The dual-material outsole ensures durability and stability, providing a superior ground feel. This lightweight design allows for ease of movement on the golf course. PUMA combines their top technologies, The Alphacat and NITRO, to create the ultimate spikeless golf shoe. The engineered mesh is fused with TPU film to provide support and a 1-year waterproof warranty.

puma nitro

Performance & Comfort

The Nitro’s carbon rubber outsole provides a grip and stability that’s tough to beat. These spiked shoes are designed to offer superior traction, particularly useful for those challenging shots where footing is crucial. The lightweight construction lets you move freely, aiding in a more fluid and powerful swing.

One of the standout features of the Puma Nitro is its Adaptive Fit System. This technology allows for a customized fit, adapting to your feet’ unique shape and movements. This comfort level is especially beneficial during long walks on the course, making each step feel natural and effortless.

Fall Demands Different Socks

When the seasons change, so do the conditions on the golf course. Fall brings cooler temperatures, morning dew, and sometimes even the first frost. These conditions can affect not only your play but also your comfort. In cooler weather, socks from materials like merino wool can provide warmth without compromising moisture-wicking capabilities. Additionally, the onset of wetter conditions makes a moisture-wicking material even more essential to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. In short, while your summer socks might be great for hot, dry days, upgrading your socks for the fall season can be a game-changer for your comfort and performance.


Look for socks made from moisture-wicking materials like polyester or merino wool. These can help keep your feet dry, reducing the risk of blisters and fungal infections.


Additional cushioning on the sole can provide extra comfort during those long walks on the course, making your round more enjoyable and less strenuous.

Temperature Control

Just like your shoes, your socks need to adapt to the changing conditions. In fall, consider socks that offer a balance of warmth and breathability to keep your feet at the optimal temperature.


Some golfers prefer socks with compression features, which can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, helping you maintain your energy levels throughout the round.

Thorlos is our recommendation for comfortable, cushioned, durable socks for the fall season. Not only great for golf, Throlos running and general athletic socks are not to be missed. Golf-specific socks are available in Crew or Ankle.

Thorlos socks are renowned for their exceptional quality and comfort. They are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing unparalleled cushioning and support. The use of premium materials ensures that these socks are durable and perform well over a long period of time, making them a reliable choice for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts. With their superior construction and dedication to foot health, Thorlos socks consistently offer unmatched quality, keeping your feet comfortable and protected during all your active pursuits.

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Closing Thoughts – Top Golf Shoes for Walking in the Fall

Whether it’s the grip of Squairz Speed or the versatile elegance of Puma Nitro, each of our top picks offers a unique blend of features tailored to enhance your walking experience on the fall fairways. Investing in a quality pair of shoes—and don’t forget the socks—can be a game-changer.

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